Dudley & Laura Callison

Position President
Email dudley@gocommunitas.org
Team Member ID 40320


Dudley and Laura live in scenic Denver, Colorado with their daughters, Molly and Claire, and their beloved pet Barkley. Though they have lived many places over the years, they still claim the Republic of Texas as their true home. Together they enjoy hiking, riding bikes, roasting marshmallows, and lots of time spent with friends.

Dudley has served in a number of organizations and in various roles throughout the years. He particularly enjoys helping organizations move toward their original vision by creating strategies that activate their great ideas. With Communitas (CA back then), Dudley served as Chief Operating Officer for five years before being hired into the President role in April 2013.

Dudley now serves Communitas with a dynamic team of missionary pioneers who are re-imagining the way we plant churches in our post-Christian world. Together, they seek to inspire a host of Christians to grow into a life that demonstrates God's love, and that extends salvation to many in extraordinary ways.  As more and more people come to faith in Christ, we hope to establish vibrant churches throughout the cities of Europe, North America and Latin America.

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