The Story Collective – Fort Worth, TX

The Story Collective - Ft Worth, TX
Location Fort Worth, TX, USA
Project ID 70655

The Story Collective is a network of micro churches living life together with intentionality. We gather in homes, pubs, parks, wherever. We want to remember the story of God through the Bible and engage in the continuing story of God by following Jesus in our individual lives, communities, and out into our neighborhoods. That means we want to love people, all people, the way he did; not just read about it.

We want to catalyze new chapters of love and grace in the lives of others and ourselves. We want acceptance, laughter, kindness, help, friendship, good food and drink, understanding, forgiveness, and a safe place to be real and honest. We don't want all the answers, but we want a safe place to wrestle with our questions. We want authentic, vulnerable, community. We want to be loved and to love others. Maybe you want these things too.

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