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About Communitas

Our Story

Communitas International is a community of diverse, yet like-minded individuals who want to see the church think, care and act like Jesus in this world. Take a minute to watch a short video by our former president Dudley Callison.

Want to learn more? Please use the links below to learn more about how we help people like you get to where God is leading them.

Although we haven't always been known as Communitas, we are have been helping church planters for over 50 years! Learn about our story.

If you hang around us for very long, you will often hear us say that our mission is to establish churches who follow Jesus in transforming their world.

Learn more about what we mean.

Our values are:

Kingdom Seeking

Grace Oriented

People Focused

Learn more about our values.

We avoid formulaic church planting models. We do have practices that we believe will help you in your context. Learn more about our Church Planting Approach.

Communitas International looks to and affirms the Nicene Creed as we declare our core theology in contemporary language. Learn more about what we believe.