Donate Stock Gifts and other Creative Giving

Giving Appreciated Stock or Securities

If you own stocks, mutual funds, or other securities that have increased in value (and you have owned them for more than one year), you might consider using them to make charitable gifts. You may be able to deduct the current market value, not just the amount you paid, and minimize capital gains taxes you would pay if you sold the stock and then donated the proceeds.

To facilitate the stock transaction, please review these steps:


Instruct your broker to send the stock to Christian Associates International via DTC electronic transfer.

  • DTC Number: 0443
  • Clearing Firm Name: Royal Alliance / Pershing
  • Account Name: Christian Associates International
  • Account Number: 038-591178-1
  • Include the CUSIP/Symbol of the security being sent via DTC
  • Include the share quantity

Service Agent: James Losey
Broker Phone: 1-805-446-4600


IMPORTANT: Send a separate letter or email with your complete name and address, the date of transfer, the quantity and type of stock, and the name of the missionary or project you are interested in funding to:

Communitas International
Attn: Donations
2221 E. Arapahoe Rd. Unit 3338
Centennial CO 80161

OR via email:

Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel.

Creative Giving for Kingdom Impact

Giving from Retirement Accounts

If you are required to withdraw a minimum amount from a qualified retirement plan (such as an IRA) each year but don’t need all the income, you might wish to minimize taxes on the withdrawn amount by making a charitable contribution directly from the IRA. The “Qualified Charitable Distribution” is not taxed and counts toward your Required Minimum Distribution. Anyone age 70½ or older may make such gifts of up to $100,000 per year per person to a qualified charity.

Other Creative Ways to Give

  • Insurance policies that are no longer needed may have a charity listed as beneficiary.
  • Long-range gift planning, through your will and estate planning, can leave a Great Commission legacy gift for Communitas or a specific missionary, after providing for your loved ones.
  • Charitable Gift Annuities can provide a fixed or variable income to yourself or loved ones. You make a current donation and then receive an ongoing income stream until a certain point in the future.

For more information on any of these options, please contact us! We cannot provide tax planning or advice but would be happy to share more information on any of these options.

Phone: 888.242.5930


Thank you for partnering with Communitas International and considering creative ways to support Kingdom work around the world.

In your stewardship planning, such as leaving the organization or one of our missionaries in your will or estate, please be sure to use our legal name: 
Christian Associates International, Inc. dba Communitas International