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Our Mission & Vision


The mission of Communitas International is to establish churches who follow Jesus in transforming their world.

We are called to be his missional followers. Thus, by God’s grace and the Holy Spirit’s empowerment, we want to foster a great movement that has a tireless passion to plant the Gospel and invite others into a relationship with Jesus and join us in his mission to the world.

We want to give ourselves to the mission of Jesus Christ to change lives and extend his kingdom in the cities of Europe…and beyond. This includes seeing Jesus bring redemptive healing and wholeness to people’s lives and entire communities.

We strive to see every person with unsurpassable worth, worthy enough for Jesus to die for them and for us to reach out to them in love.

Together we want to manifest God’s kingdom love and grace, raise up more and more missional followers/disciples of Jesus, and multiply more missional, Christ-following leaders, communities, and movements.

We want to engage all of culture with the life-transforming good news of Jesus. In other words: WE WANT TO RE-JESUS OUR WORLD.

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Our vision is to see churches mature into sustainable faith communities, primarily in urban areas, where they become multiplying movements - churches who plant churches who plant churches.

...We envision our churches joining God in His redemptive purposes to reconcile people through faith in Christ and to restore all of creation.

...We see churches revealing God's presence through incarnational living, prayerfully expressed in evangelism & discipleship that invites others to experience hope and peace in Christ within a harsh world.

...We embrace those who have given up on church or who have never experienced life-giving faith community.

...We envision mature, trained local leadership facilitating spiritual movement in ways that are adaptable to their context and culture.

...We move forward with strategic like-minded partners and denominations leading to grassroots spiritual movements.