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Is Christianity “Just Like Every Other Religion?”


I recently went to a Buddhist funeral service in California for a loved one and was struck by how familiar it seemed, even though I had never been to one before. The monk was in some ways similar to a pastor. The chant book was similar to a hymnal. The people were very similar to…

Published 15 March 2023

Keys to the Microchurch Movement


When you hear the word “church,” what comes to mind? For most people familiar with church in the western world, traditional churches bring to mind… While regular gatherings are an important part of the life of the global Church, many people today are looking for and are creating a smaller, more intimate expression of church.…

Published 23 January 2023

10 Missionary Biographies

missionary biographies

Being a missionary is hard work, and it can be encouraging to hear stories of faithful men and women of God in the mission field. These missionary biographies tell the stores of men and women in Christian missions. These biographies are great for people looking to enter the mission field, active missionaries, or parents and…

Published 8 November 2022

5 World-Changing Women Missionaries

Women missionaries changing the world

Sharing the Gospel and joining the mission field is work for all believers, and there have been many strong and faithful Christian women who serve the Lord on the mission field. These 5 women missionaries have shared the good news of Jesus and made history by serving Him faithfully. Gladys Aylward Gladys Aylward left her…

Published 4 November 2022

Why Should I Plant a Church?

nonresident-JTW6AUbCLC4-unsplash (1) (1)

We, as Christians, are called to carry out the Great Commission and carry the good news of Jesus to all the ends of the earth. But there are lots of ways to do that.  One of the most important and historic methods of sharing the Gospel is through church planting. If you are passionate about…

Published 19 October 2022

What is Church Planting?


As followers of Jesus, we are called to carry out the Great Commission and to take the good news of Jesus to all the ends of the earth. And there are lots of ways to do that.  If you are a Christian with an interest in church or missions work, the words “church plant” or…

Published 10 October 2022

What does a Missionary Do?

top half of globe for missionary sending organization page

What comes to mind when you think of a missionary?  Maybe it’s:  Someone who starts a church in another country Someone who is translating the Bible into a new language Someone who shares the gospel across cultural borders Someone who is caring for sick people in very poor parts of the world So maybe you’ve…

Published 5 October 2022

9 Church Planting Organizations Changing the World


Are you interested in planting a church but don’t know where to start? These church planting organizations are doing the good work of planting new churches all around the world! Communitas International Communitas International is an international church planting organization that focuses on building communities of faith that transform their neighborhoods through loving like Jesus.…

Published 26 September 2022

7 Missionary Sending Organizations Changing the World

top half of globe for missionary sending organization page

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:19-20 When we think about…

Published 12 August 2022

Bible Verses for Missions

mans arm with tattoo of the continents

As Christians, we are called to actively be the light of God in the world, whether it be our family members, roommates or even neighbors or strangers from another country. If you’re looking for inspirational Bible verses about service and missions, check out this collection of verses for missionaries, mission trips, and any other mission…

Published 18 July 2022