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Podcast featuring our recent conference

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Recently, Alan Briggs of StayForth Designs and Right-Side Up Leadership Podcast visited the Communitas EuroCast conference in Croatia. We were glad to have Alan (and his daughter Betti!) with us, and on this podcast you will hear Alan’s thoughts on our tribe: 4 reasons why community matters–and why we ALL need to be in community.…

Published 12 May 2022

Why We Don’t Use the Word “Missionary”

European church in the city

The History of Missionaries Great missionaries like Hudson Taylor and Amy Carmichael have left a legacy that has impacted countless lives in such positive ways. While being a missionary has brought the gospel into many unreached communities, today it also carries harmful associations with Western colonization and white saviorism that has accompanied sharing the gospel…

Published 12 April 2022

Geoff Rinehart on the Right Side Up Leadership Podcast

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Listen in to our president, Geoff Rinehart, as he joins the host of Right Side Up Leadership Podcast, Alan Briggs, along with Rowland Smith, our friend and director of Forge America. They discuss the future of church and ecclesiology, exciting examples of what church can be, as well as our long-time connection as organizations. Founders…

Published 18 March 2022

Prayer for Peace and Help for Refugees


Praying For Peace. Serving Refugees with the Love of Jesus. CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT UKRAINIAN REFUGEES TODAY The world has been left speechless in the last days. For Communitas, as we have trained hundreds of Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian pastors and church planters together over the last two years in online cohorts (see our story…

Published 2 March 2022

Lament Devotional


As we wait on the Lord- we pray it is with open hands. Legend tells of an ancient custom in Nepal: if a man loses something precious to him the rest of the tribe comes together, enters his home, and takes something else from him as well. This sounds so cruel, doesn’t it? Here is…

Published 12 February 2021

Thinklings: Giving Order, Meaning and Resilience to Missional Communities in Stressful Times


“Thinklings” has been a long-standing theological “think-tank” within Communitas, drawing together our theologians and missional practitioners to wrestle deeply with theological topics. The second online Thinklings took place in November 2020, on the topic, “Missional Communities: How do we give order, meaning, and resilience to Christ-communities under what are likely to be increasingly stressful circumstances? How…

Published 27 January 2021

Jon Ritner’s new book, Positively Irritating, is now available


What does church look like in a post-Christian world? We at Communitas International have been asking this for many decades. The new book by Jon Ritner, Positively Irritating, was released November 13th. Jon is a former missional staff member. He now serves on our international board and is a pastor in Hollywood, California. It has…

Published 3 December 2020

Strutzenbergs have arrived in Scotland


Celebrate with us the Strutzenberg family’s arrival to Scotland! Andrew and Kali are joining Drew and Christine Van Tiem in Edinburgh with a heart to serve those in their neighborhood of Leith. Please pray with us as they settle into their flat, get to know their new city, and explore what God has waiting for…

Published 24 November 2020

Giving Day 2020 was a Success!


$155,707 given on GIVING DAY 2020! THANK YOU! $155,707.07 was provided by God on our annual Giving Day, supporting our front-line missional workers and the Communitas movement. Thank you to all who made this amazing day possible!  With you, we met our $20,000 Kingdom Advancement Challenge Grant! Thank you for your partnership in prayer and finances…

Published 18 November 2020

Psalm 148 for Audacious Praise


Written by Communitas staff member Wesley White: In this time of international uncertainty, it is fitting that ardent worshippers of the God of the Bible give critical attention to Psalm 148.  As we might give historical considerations to the Psalter as a whole, this Psalm in particular features prominently in Hebraic liturgical traditions, most pointedly…

Published 18 September 2020