Bryan & Terry Harms

Bryan and Terry returned to Terry’s home city, leaving their adult kids in western Canada, to help the Latin American team build a ministry network serving church-planters and Kingdom project initiators in Brazil. Their experience and passion lie in small group development as well as personal coaching in the area of emotional and spiritual development.


Downtown core

Staff Role

Field Leadership

Time on Staff

13 Years

Bryan Harms

Project Design and Coach


Kingstown, St Vincent, BWI

Personal Biography

I enjoy creative reno, design, photography, complex music, helping others with “handy-man” skills, biking, nature outings with my wife, and climbing on our building roof-top.
Passions: social justice, helping people discover freedom in Christ, their personal strengths and Kingdom contributions.
BA-CIU, ’79, MA-Wheaton, ’82
SF: Strategic, Futuristic, Learning, Connectedness, Maximizer.


Terry Harms

Coach and Hostess


Caxias do Sul, RS, Brazil

Personal Biography

I love making people feel special through planning and hosting special events, dinners, teas, and gifting craft projects. I also enjoy coaching, nature walks, traveling, and connecting with friends, both far and close-by. “Color me Beautiful” says I’m a “winter.” 🙂 Personality tests say I’m the polar opposite to Bryan. SF: Empathy, Positivity, Communication, Developer, Woo