Cody Murphy-Sanderson

20 years ago I lead a short-term mission team to Crossroads Amsterdam, a Communitas International church plant, and returned the following summer to intern with them. 10 years ago, Caleb and I interviewed with Communitas and considered joining a church planting team in Europe. Discerning the time was not right, we continued in full time, traditional ministry. However, we have stayed connected with Communitas all these years as it has been a deep desire to serve with them since my days in Amsterdam.

In 2018, I was invited to join Communitas staff to serve with the Central/Eastern Europe Advancement Team. This invitation came as a surprise as much of the last 10 years of life have been focused on local ministry in established churches and my mission as a mother. A 20 year old vision and passion for serving in Europe has been renewed! With it comes a confidence as I am convinced of God’s purpose, leading, and timing.

Today, I am serving as Ministry Coordinator for the Central/Eastern European Advancement Team. I am an activator for this team, a coach & champion for Communitas staff missionary and indigenous church planters, especially the ladies in leadership. This team is training, equipping, and resources for leadership teams specifically in and for the Eastern Europe context. There are currently 20+ Communitas projects, initiatives, and churches in various stages of maturity in this region, as well as, a newly formed Russian Speaking Communitas Network.

Fun fact: If you took me out for a drink, I’d order a neat, Anejo Tequila, with a twist of lime.



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Cody Murphy-Sanderson

Ministry Coordinator for Eastern & Central Europe