Faith Vines

Faith Vines, currently residing in Tennessee, has a heart for the refugee community and has felt God’s calling on her life to fulfill this ministry focus with Communitas. She will be engaging in a three-month internship in Sicily, where she will be working with the local Sicilian community, as well as the refugee community that has settled in the area. She looks forward to this adventure and appreciates your prayer and support!

Some of Faith’s other interests include baking, attending local festivals, making music, and cuddling with her cat, Puddin’!


Sicily, Italy

Staff Role

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Time on Staff

1 Year

Faith Vines

Missions Intern


Franklin, TN, USA

Personal Biography

I am a seminary graduate and consider myself a lifelong learner- If I could go to school as a career, I would! While baking is my full-time job, I am getting involved with the local refugee population here in Franklin and hope to continue to do so. I am passionate about sharing the Gospel while also providing for temporal needs.