Frank & Josefine Bouwens

Frank Bouwens has lived in Belgium, France, and Spain and sees himself more as a European than a Dutchman. A “polyglot”, he loves to pioneer new things and has been involved in international church ministry for more than 25 years.

Frank co-founded a pilgrim’s hostel in the Camino de Santiago in Spain and was a staff member at the “International Church of Barcelona” during its inception. He co-founded the “International Church of Leiden” in the Netherlands and in Haarlem pioneered a chapter of “Serve the City,” an outreach to people in need. By the way, Frank loves coffee, chocolate, and cheese!

Married to Josefine, they have two young-adult girls. Together they love to see new people coming to Christ and discovering all He has in store for them.

Presently Frank serves as chairman of Foundation Oasis Trails Spain. In this capacity he recently signed the contract for the purchase of a former Catholic monastery on the Camino in Spain, envisioning to transform this into a base for Christian community, discipleship, and outreach.
Frank is also a pioneer-leader at the Meeting Place International Church – a young English-speaking fellowship in his hometown Haarlem, the Netherlands.


Haarlem, The Netherlands

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12 Years


Frank Bouwens

Frank Bouwens



Haarlem, the Netherlands

Personal Biography

I performed as an actor in the Passion drama in the Netherlands, in Switzerland, and Germany and studied at Azusa Bible School in Amsterdam to deepen my knowledge of Scripture. As a pilgrim I walked 2000 km on the Spanish Camino’s sharing and talking with seekers. I served in staff positions in churches in France, Spain, and the Netherlands. Strengths: Connectedness, Input, Learner, Activator, Strategic