Lee & Dori Williams

My wife Dori and I began our story together back in 2006 when we met a pastors’ conference in Arequipa, Peru. It was love at first sight, and a year later we were married and living out God’s vision for our lives in South America. I had been ministering in Peru since 2001 with a focus on discipleship and equipping Spirit-gifted teachers in the provinces of Apurimac, Huancavelica, and Arequipa, among others. The Lord began to shift our work from the discipling of individuals to being catalysts for church planting during our time in Arequipa.

A beautiful expression of Christ’s Bride was the result and when we left Peru for work in Argentina in 2010, we were sent out by a “little flock” of devoted Christ-followers to bring this good news of life together to others. From 2012 to 2016 we served churches in the Patagonia of Argentina and Chile in a partnership with the Patagonia Mennonite Mission. This experience broadened our understanding of the ways a life embedded in Christ and in service to a local community can produce a rich spiritual harvest.

Between all the moves we managed to have four kids (our eldest was born in Peru, our daughter was born during furlough in the U.S.A., and our youngest two hail from Chile). We continue to be inspired by a vision to see churches and individuals planted deeply in the redemptive story of Christ’s kingdom. We currently reside in Charlotte, North Carolina, and while stateside I continue to teach virtually brothers and sisters in South America. Our hope is to continue expanding and intensifying the constellation of relationships that the Lord has set us within as we await His arrival.


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Lee Williams

Network Facilitator with Latin American Advancement Team


Atlanta, GA

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I’ve spent the better part of the last 20 years ministering in Latin America (I’m bilingual). My giftings lie in the areas of teaching and evangelism. That is, I love to be around people, and when I’m around them I love to talk deeply about subjects that really matter – like Jesus and His kingdom! My studies have focused on ancient languages and cultures and I’ve been to Israel twice. Shalom!