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David Dahlén D’Cruz

David & Christina Dahlen D'Cruz
Location Jönköping, Sweden
Position Field team member
Email ddahlen@gocommunitas.org
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/david.dahlen.98
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My wife Christina and I have recently got married and moved to Österängen, a small neighbourhood in  the city of Jönköping. Jönköping is Sweden’s tenth largest city and located in Southern Sweden, east of Gothenburg and on the southern shore of lake Vättern.

Our desire is to serve God together in our local area and be faithful witnesses of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, both in life and through the teaching of the Word, in the hope that people here will turn to Jesus and become born again disciples.

David: I finished Seminary in 2013, and during my final year felt a strong calling to Church Planting in Jönköping. It was then I began to attend several church planting conferences in Sweden, and met Marcus Fritsch and heard about Communitas for the first time.   I became a member of the Communitas team in 2015 and was commissioned at the Connect conference in Budapest in July 2016.

Christina: I was born and brought up in a Christian family in London, Uk surrounded by many cultures. My mother is Swedish, my father was born in Kenya with roots in Goa, India. As a family we travelled to different countries and spent most summers in Sweden with my grandparents. I studied foreign languages at university, spent a year in France and Germany and worked  in Switzerland. 13 years ago I felt a calling to teach English as a second language. For 8 years I taught ESOL/ESL to immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers in London. This role had a huge impact on my faith and helped me broaden my horizons, leading to a bigger passion for God and a desire to work amongst the most marginalised in society. In my spare time I  founded and ran a language café in my Church. Since moving to Sweden in 2011 I have taught English in a secondary school and now teach international students at Jönköping University.

More about Österängen

OsterangenÖsterängen is multicultural area with approximately 3000 inhabitants. The three main people groups are Somalians, people from various Muslim backgrounds and Swedish university students.  It is specificially these groups we wish to reach with the Gospel.

Our prayers and work are primarily concentrated in two areas:

1)     To find and befriend a ”person of peace”, one from each of the aforementioned groups living in the area. We hope that this will gradually lead to the formation of rapidly multiplying house churches (Simple Church). We believe that this is the type of church that fits the character and culture of this area.

2)     To form Bible Discovery - Life Transforming Groups. We have already started one such group together with a university student from China who will be living in Sweden for at least the next three years. Although, he does not live in Österängen, our prayer is that this will lead to similar rapidly multiplying house churches amongst students.

We would greatly appreciate your prayer support in these areas too.

OsterangenRecently I (David) have become introduced to ”power evangelism”, through healings. I have started to use this regularly as a tool to create a curiosity and openess for the Gospel. Please pray for this that it will lead to that many more people here in Österängen will choose to become disciples of Jesus Christ.

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