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David Dahlén D’Cruz

Location Jönköping, Sweden
Position Team Leader
Email dahlendcruz@gmail.com
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/david.dahlen.98
Website https://walk-with-jesus.com
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Who are we?
We are David and Christina Dahlén D'Cruz. David first joined Communitas in 2014 and we have been serving together as a couple since 2016. We are based in Jönköping , Sweden's 10th largest city situated on the southern shore of Lake Vättern. Both of us are involved in bivocational ministry. David  works as a carer looking after two functionally disabled people and Christina works with international students teaching English at Jönköping  University. Together we have completed  the Forge training Course in Stockholm. We have an "open house" and often share  our home with others. We currently have a young man from Cameroon called Micheal living with us.

What do we do?
We started a Hise Church three years ago. At present we are seven people who meet every week for fellowship. We alternate between our home and the home of another couple. Our aim is to reach out to the people in our community. We are passionate about making disciples, and David connects with people in our local community and the city, offering prayer for healing which often opens up for good gospel sharing opportunities. Christina invest time in building friendships with students, both past and present. As well as teaching, she has pastoral care responsibilities and outside of the job she spends time with students that show an interest in the  Christian faith. Several of our contacts have led to baptisms, discipleship training and active involvement in the house church. David is also working with individuals living outside Jönköping who actively want to become disciples of Jesus.

Future/Goals/ Our Strategy
We would like to start a movement of disciples that make other disciples (2 Tim 2:2), by multiplication rater than addition. For this purpose, we plan to start a "Huddle". In the long term, God willing, we would like to see a network of house churches, not only a single Church.

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