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Ismael and Amy Cortez

Location Guayaquil, Ecuador
Position Missionaries
Email amy@theuniversityproject.org
Website https://amyinecuador.wordpress.com/
Facebook http://facebook.com/amy.morrisondecortez
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Since 2008, we have been working to pair young people in Ecuador who have the dream of pursuing a higher education with sponsors who have the kindness and generosity to send them to college.

The students we work with are all so different. Some will become dentists, nurses, accountants, computer programmers, pastors, and kindergarten teachers. Some will make careers in marketing, tourism, business, education, and government. But one thing we've learned is that though all their dreams are different, they all--we all--have the same desires: to be loved and valued, to find acceptance, and to have a place to belong.

College years can be especially tough. And we don't want our students to go even one day without knowing how much they are loved and valued. We want to help them reach their potential to be world-changers by empowering and encouraging them. We moved to Guayaquil, Ecuador in 2016 with the vision of opening our home and making it a safe and welcoming place where our students and their friends can come and find peace, friendship, love, and maybe a home-cooked meal or just rest and refuge during a hard day of classes.  Our aim is to be the church with and for our students during their college years. We want to show them who Jesus is by loving them the best we can and teaching them what we know about how to love others.

In 2018, our family and our church began to grow.  Our daughter, Eleonor, was born in January and in April we began meeting together regularly as a church in our home with some of our students and friends.


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