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Jim and Candy Temby


Jim and Candy

Location Pisek, Czech Republic
Email ctemby@gocommunitas.org
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/candace.temby https://www.facebook.com/jim.temby
Skype Temby.Family1
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Jim and Candy are answering God’s call to serve in Pisek, Czech Republic where they have been leading short-term missions trips for the last decade. They raised two sons Christian and Carson and are leaving behind long careers in commercial banking and ministry to bring the message of God’s love and hope to the Czech people.

God gave them a passion for missions when Christian and Carson were young and as a family they have served together on 11 short-term missions trips. Jim and Candy grew up playing sports; they enjoy coaching, working with young people and sharing life in community with others.

Through their camp ministry, Jim and Candy have developed relationships with children, youth and adults. While in Pisek, they seek to introduce people to Jesus through authentic friendships, and develop them as disciples and leaders, reaching towards their full potential in Christ to impact their community and town.

They are in the Ministry Development phase and anticipate moving in early 2019.

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