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Joel and Juli Adams

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Joel and Juli Adams

Position Missionaries
Location Denver, Colorado, USA
Email jadams@gocommunitas.org juli.adams@gocommunitas.org
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Hello and welcome! We are Joel and Juli Adams and have been serving God’s ministry together in several capacities for the past 22 years! God’s latest invitation for our family has been into a neighborhood in Northwest Denver, to tangibly live out our faith, intentionally loving God and loving our neighbors. We do this by creating space in our home and lives for our neighbors, and discovering what God is up to as we go. As we have been embedding and engaging, the Spirit has been seeding and cultivating a small, growing community of misfits joining God on mission in our everyday going about life. It has been amazing to see God drawing and inviting many who have given up on church back into an organic, simple expression of church. We love to partner with God in what he is already doing here in people’s lives, whether it be through conversations, serving our neighbors, accepting or extending hospitality and building friendships with people we meet along the way. On Sunday evenings, we gather in one another’s living rooms for worship, to be shaped by God’s word, renewed at the Table, nourished with a common meal, strengthened in prayerful discernment and then send one another back out as ambassadors of God’s big love wherever we go. In all of this, we are learning to experience and embody God’s radical, beautiful love revealed in Jesus, joining the Spirit in mission as we build meaningful relationships with friends, neighbors and networks.

As we look out at the horizon, and wonder together what God may have in store for us,  we agree with many who claim the United States as one of the fastest growing mission fields in the world! So we would love to see other mission shaped communities seeded, cultivated and multiplying to reach folks who are done with church or who have never had faith. We would love to keep training and equipping others to land in neighborhoods as missionaries like we have to discover what God is up to and join in what he is already doing. As the church continues to transition into a post-Christian world, it would be a great privilege to continue to pioneer and encourage contextual and local expressions of faith that witness to the good news of God’s abundant and beautiful Kingdom. Our prayer is that our three children, Gabriel (16), Kate (15) and Micah (11) get to see and experience even more fully the church on mission God has placed in our hearts and minds!

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