Kingdom Innovator-Team Member – Lisboa Matrix: Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal
Position Kingdom Innovator-Team Member - Co-Conspirator
Where Lisbon, Portugal
Project Lisboa Matrix
Length Full-time, Part-time or Bi-vocational


The opportunities for ministry in the Lisbon area are unlimited whether in Portuguese or English. English is widely spoken. In the city itself there are only three English speaking churches. Because there is a widespread disaffection for the organized church, particularly among those under 50, people are open to considering faith expressed in communities that look different than what they are familiar with. Creativity, authenticity and transparency is needed here.

Ministry in Portuguese is also wide open as there is a recognition of the spiritual nature of life that often goes unsatisfied and unfocused. There are many in Portugal from the former colonies of Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cabo Verde, and Guinea Bissau. These people are often living in less secure situations and are facing regular financial, educational  and social challenges. There is a need for development of youth and young men especially in spiritual and relational values. There is a need for the self-esteem that comes from the certainty of love and acceptance of God shown through his people, his church and in character building programs like sports and service projects.

Outside of the greater Lisbon area there are likewise, many opportunities to bring the gospel of grace and personal relationship with Jesus that is so refreshing as well as challenging for those who have known a gospel of shame and works. The Portuguese are for the most part warm and engaging and welcoming of those who come interested in serving the needs of the people taking an active interest in their rich culture. 

Successful applicants will be asked to go through Communitas missionary candidate process.



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