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Jesus says that people recognize we are His disciples in the way we love one another. What Italy needs is disciples who make disciples that love one and other --  this is Church.

This is not happening in Italy and this is what God has put in my heart, to go and make disciples who make disciples through people who are in and out the “Church”. We need to see people stand up and be in mission for Jesus every day. We need to influence missional community growth among the people who can influence the people seated in the Churches to do the same.

We need to show Jesus like John the Baptist did with his disciples, to show what Jesus taught and told us to do. To do that we need to be PRESENT to influence and train people to do that.

Unfortunately I grew up in an environment that thought that all a Christian guy has to do is to go to church on Sunday morning, read the Bible, pray and that’s it. But when I realized that Jesus was not only talking to the twelve but also to me then something changed. In studying the Bible and going deep in the life of Jesus there is more than the role of Christian life -- there is action there; there God tells me I want you to be my collaborator in my plan to save the world doing what I command you to do.

I realize that discipleship is all about life, life into life. It is about investing in the people around me and showing them what Jesus did for me, taught me, and commanded me to do so they can do the same and multiply disciples all over the world.

With this passion in my heart I finally understood what Jesus told me to do so I started to put in action the Gospel with intentionality.

Read, memorize, pray, and put Jesus in action!

PRESENCE – be in the community so the people can see and know me. Be with the people in everyday life.

KNOWLEDGE – get to know Jesus more and more, get to know the people by  listening to their story, knowing their needs.

APPLICATION – pray and being led by the Holy Spirit to bring Jesus into the life of the people I am sharing life with.

God gave me three people who are not believers to start to be open to listen, meeting regularly studying the life of Jesus and showing them how to live it out. We started a family gathering with other friends, sharing meals, taking communion, praying for our community, praying for each other and studying and putting in practice the Gospel.

We are committed to knowing each other better and to learn how to love each other the way Jesus loves us and to be ready when God wants to add other people in our family.

God led, after investing two years, one disciple of our family to invest in the youth of our area to build relationships  through sports and to train them in sports, but also in life and to teach them Jesus.

So...I forgot --  I am Stefano, a disciple of Jesus Christ, husband of Federica and father of Giacomo and Nami, we are a family on mission. I live and work in Torre Pellice, Italy.

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