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Todd and Y Bonesteele

Location Madrid, Spain
Position Team member
Email tbonesteele@gocommunitas.org
Website http://mycrazyreality.wordpress.com/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ybui.bonesteele
Skype ybonest
Team Member ID 40240


Todd and Y met in seminary, Todd getting his M.Div with an emphasis in Intercultural/Urban Ministries and Y getting her M.Div with an emphasis in Evangelism and Discipleship. Todd loves to eat sashimi and Y's secret dream is to be the first Asian-American Country Singer. Together with their 4 young kids, they've always been ready to go on an adventure with God! Todd and Y both have had a strong pull towards cross-cultural service throughout their lives and now feel God's call to go overseas to share Christ's love in word and service.

God has led them to join a project in Madrid, Spain to help those around them experience the love and joy of Christ. The ministry motto they want to live by is, "Transforming urban communities with truth and grace, every day in every way."  They believe that Christ will be known through the spreading of the gospel message as well as acts of service to help a community in need.

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