Missional Initiative – Portland

Led by Dan Steigerwald, Forge PDX is designed to cultivate a city ethos conducive to incarnational church planting. As best we can discern, Christ is challenging us to develop a “hub” of local missional pioneers and planters to sow God’s shalom among the neighborhoods and relational networks of Portland. We respect and work alongside our Christian brothers and sisters seeking to do the same in this city.

But what makes us distinct is we specifically aim to engage that high percentage of Portlanders who have little relational or practical connection with anything Christian. Our coaching, training and community events are designed with those people in mind, primarily. It is our hope that through this directed, interactive process more and better missional disciples might be made. We also hope to see many more Christ-following leaders tapping into the Forge PDX community as a significant avenue for personal encouragement and transformation.

In other words, we’re not only about bringing much-needed missionary training to the body of Christ, but we also want to cultivate a richness of community among pioneers, planters and incarnational church leaders.


Project Stage

Closed - Project is no longer active

Project Age

54 Years

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