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Are you in need of experienced coaching or consulting around the missional movement? Communitas can provide you with either or both in the realms of:

  • Starting missional churches in your home culture
  • Starting missional churches cross-culturally
  • Church and non-profit leadership development

For more information on our coaching or consulting services, as well as pricing, please contact us and we will get in touch.


Marcus Fritsch

marcus fritsch

Marcus Fritsch was born and raised in Germany. After a career in biomedical engineering Marcus studied theology at Columbia International University (M.Div.). He is the founding pastor of H2O (h2o.gbg.se), a pioneering church plant in Gothenburg, Sweden, and serves now as Communitas Western Europe Director.

Marcus is a passionate teacher and speaker. He not only teaches missiology and church planting at the Academy for Leadership and Theology (ALT) in Sweden but is also guest speaker in churches and at conferences. Marcus is passionate about topics like:

  • Theology and Culture
  • Contextualization in a Postmodern World
  • Multicultural Churches
  • Trends in the 21st century – what shall we expect?

Contact Marcus via email.

Kelli Gotthardt

kelli gotthardtKelli Gotthardt is an author, speaker and leadership consultant.  She has spent 30 years in training and leadership development and continues to catalyze personal and organizational growth among church and business leaders. Kelli travels internationally helping leaders develop skills that increase their capacity to listen, lead and love.  Her authentic, engaging style creates an open, energetic learning environment where good questions are the key to moving below the surface into the deep waters of transformation.  Kelli has a master's degree in spiritual formation and leadership and her memoir, Unlikely Rebel: A Church Girl's Journey Out of Shoulds and Shame, was released in Fall of 2015.

Kelli is currently the Director of Training for Communitas, International creating and implementing practical training for missional church planters using Communitas’ Dynamic Adventure guidebook. Kelli consults and speaks around the following themes:

  • Using Dynamic Adventure to facilitate discernment and action for missional movement
  • Spiritual formation and mission
  • Whole-person health of leaders
  • Spiritual practices for leadership sustainability
  • Healing from church wounds
  • Facilitation skills for strong teachers
  • Group discernment practices

You can contact Kelli at kgotthardt@gocommunitas.org or connect on her website: www.kelligotthardt.com

Kevin Johnson

kevin johnson

Kevin joined Communitas in 2005 when he and his family moved to the The Hague, The Netherlands to lead a growing church plant there.  He presently leads our Global Advancement Team, catalyzing dynamic church planting in Eastern and Western Europe and Latin and North America.

Kevin brings humor and warmth to his speaking style.  He challenges audiences with a deep spirituality that engages real world life.  He has spoken in churches of 50 and churches of 5000, at seminaries and conferences and to smaller groups via consulting engagements.  Kevin will bring passion, wisdom and diverse experience in church planting and missions to your group.

Contact Kevin via email.

Christine Osgood

Christine OsgoodDr. Christine Osgood brings years of experience in higher education, teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in Psychology and Spiritual Formation. She served as Communitas' Training Team Leader, and she and her husband are helping to lead a Missional Community in the Minneapolis, MN area.  She is passionate about seeing the people of God live as an authentic sign and witness to our God in whatever context they are in.

Christine has a background in counseling, retreat facilitation, assessment-based leadership consulting, higher education and a passion for studying theology.  Due to this eclectic blend, she ideally likes to come alongside individuals and groups in a retreat setting that would focus on:

  • spiritual formation
  • family system issues
  • assessment based team development
  • assessment based couple development

You may contact Christine at usoffice@gocommunitas.org.

Geoff Rinehart

geoff rinehartGeoff Rinehart has been speaking and teaching professionally for over 25 years. Starting in the Silicon Valley high technology sector, Geoff has been the featured presenter on topics including business process re-engineering and entrepreneurism at events like Comdex, Legal Tech New York & Chicago, Macworld Expo and Apple’s WWDC. Geoff also helps young leaders through accelerator cohorts to move their dreams for business, non-profits, and churches from idea to launch in 18 months.

A graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and Whitworth University (MA, Theology), Geoff is particularly passionate about teaching the Scriptures in their historical and cultural context and applying them to a modern missional expression of church-planting and church-rejuvenation. As the North American Advancement Director for Communitas, International, Geoff is a regular guest speaker at churches and conferences and is a guest lecturer at universities and seminaries. Geoff is the lead planting pastor of Chi Rho Community and lives in Coeur d'Alene, ID with his wife, Kristi, and has two adult daughters, Maddi and Carrington.

Geoff can be reached at:  grinehart@gocommunitas.org

Jon Ritner

jon ritner

Jon has been a practitioner of missional living for 20 years. After 10 years teaching and pastoring at a large church in Virginia, Jon and his family moved to Brussels, Belgium with Communitas to train ordinary people in missional practices.  His speaking experience runs the scope from college fraternities and student athletes to business leaders and church planting conferences.  He loves to mix humor, personal narratives, and Bob Dylan lyrics into his Bible teaching.  Jon is a graduate of The College of William and Mary in Virginia and has a MDiv from Trinity Divinity School in Deerfield, IL.

Jon is passionate about topics including:

  • Moving Churches from Attractional to Missional
  • Contextualizing Church in a Local Culture
  • Every Member becoming a Missionary
  • Discipleship and Disciplemaking

Please contact Jon via email.


Dan Steigerwald

Dan SteigerwaldDr. Daniel Steigerwald resides in Portland, Oregon with his Canadian wife, Ann.  For the past 19 years he has served in various leadership capacities with Communitas:  church plant team leader, member of Communitas' senior leadership team, Communitas' North America Director, and now presently as Communitas' Advancement Team Leader for the Pacific Northwest.

Dan also operates bi-vocationally as a certified leadership coach, leading coaching teams with Bridges (www.bridgesus.org), ForgePDX (www.forgepdx.org), and George Fox Seminary (where in 2009 he earned a Doctor of Ministry in Leadership in the Emerging Culture).

Prior to his arrival in Portland in 2006, Dan spent over 20 years in Europe and various developing world contexts serving as a missionary, church-planter, and founding pastor of Crossroads International Church of The Hague (www.crossroadschurch.nl).

Dan commonly works with pioneering leaders, church planters and churches, training and speaking into these areas:

  • Activating the church into missional-incarnational mode
  • Equipping into missionary lifestyle (Dan authored the book "Growing Local Missionaries")
  • Maturing church plants and churches into sustainable, maturing communities (Dan authored the book "Grow Where You’re Planted")
  • Transformational leadership and building healthy leadership communities (using assessment tools such as Strengthsfinder, Emotional Intelligence Inventory (EQi)).
  • Discerning the qualities and experience needed for leading missional initiatives and new churches.

Dan can be reached at:  dsteiger@gocommunitas.org

Rita Warren

rita warrenRita Warren has served on the board of Communitas for almost 20 years, and as Board Chair for nine years.  She is passionate about the ministry and the people of Communitas and, along with her husband Michael, has traveled to many of the locations where Communitas is ministering, including three times to Russia.

She loves to teach women in particular about how to live biblically, with subject matter ranging from marriage and parenting to serving God and finishing well, and everything in between.  She also speaks frequently about finances and how your money and what you own can make a difference in and for the Kingdom of God.

At home, she and Michael lead two small groups, one of which has been in existence for almost 20 years and started when the couples in it were newlyweds.  She is a frequent teacher and speaker at both her own church, Calvary Community in Westlake Village, and around the Conejo Valley, in Southern California.

Contact Rita via email.

Darrin Jones

Darrin Jones

Darrin Jones is passionate communicator, combining humor and real life adventures to challenge those who listen towards a deeper walk with Christ.  Drawing on over 30 years of ministry experience his perspective has been influenced by time spent as a Pastor, living in France and North Africa, being a husband and a father and trying to figure out how to love his neighbors wherever he lives.

Darrin and his wife Julie currently reside in Concord, CA. and he is on the North American Advancement team of Communitas as Director of the the Southwest region and he has an MA in Christian Education.

Darrin loves to encourage groups towards missional action, is trained as a Life Coach and has done extensive work with teams developing their culture around assessments.  As an event speaker or as a retreat facilitator here are some of the topics that are close to his heart:

  • Practical strategies for loving your neighbors
  • Seeing yourself as sent
  • Engaging God's word in a way that transforms
  • Understanding, Experiencing and Extending Grace
  • Coaching as a lifestyle
  • Understanding assessments like StrengthsFinder or the Myers Briggs Temperament Indicator and how they can develop a team

You can contact Darrin by email at: darrin@jonesfam.us


The views and opinions expressed in these books are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Communitas International. However, we believe these resources may bless your walk with the Lord as you engage in mission locally and around the world.

Grow Where You're Planted

Grow Where You're Planted

Edited by Dan Steigerwald and Kelly Crull

Missional communities, whatever form they take, face the challenge of growing up. But too often leaders either invest too little in ecclesial development, or they try to copy the growth metrics of other churches or communities that are “successful.”

In Grow Where You’re Planted, the authors describe a set of hallmarks common to maturing churches that can be used by any missional community to discern their unique plan for growth. And the book is based on stories of how Christian Associates’ projects and churches around the world are wrestling around these hallmarks to aid their own maturing.

Growing Local Missionaries

Growing Local Missionaries

By Dan Steigerwald

Growing Local Missionaries is about real action for the good of the world––equipping people to move in their neighborhoods and cities with confidence in both their God-given identity and their capacity to pass on practical missionary skills.

About the author: Dan and Ann Steigerwald have served with Communitas for over 20 years in the Netherlands and in the United States.

Rest by Shannon Deal

Rest: Living Sabbath Every Day

By Shannon Deal

Rest. Everyone needs it. No one gets enough of it. We don't have time for it. It seems like a luxury in our fast-paced lives.

But what if rest is not an optional extra but a Biblical necessity for the follower of Jesus? 'Let us make every effort to enter God's rest,' writes the author of the book of Hebrews (4:11). Make an effort to enter rest? Seems like a contradiction in terms. Isn't rest a nap at the end of a long day or a holiday at the sea once a year? How much effort does it take to collapse?

In her exploration of Biblical rest, Shannon C. Deal suggests that all true rest is based on the work of God already completed in creation and redemption. We experience true rest when our rest is rooted in His. The good works God has created for us to do grow out of that rest. Don't rest from work; work from rest. With reflection questions at the end of each chapter and a small group discussion guide, this book is designed to lead readers through an exploration of a refreshingly productive rest-filled life.

Sacred Intersections

Sacred Intersections

By Steve Adams

Everyone has a story. And those stories are going on all around us, all the time. Typically we don't pay much attention to them. We don't listen, don't inquire, don't appreciate. But what if we did? What if every time our story intersected with another person's story, we used it as an opportunity to enjoy that person and somehow enhance his or her story? Sacred intersections describes how doing so can enliven our experience of God, add meaning to our lives, and make a difference in the world around us.

The Leadership Challenge

The Leadership Challenge

By James Kouzes And Barry Posner

For more than 25 years, The Leadership Challenge has been the most trusted source on becoming a better leader, selling more than 2 million copies in over 20 languages since its first publication. Based on Kouzes and Posner's extensive research, this all-new edition casts their enduring work in context for today's world, proving how leadership is a relationship that must be nurtured, and most importantly, that it can be learned.

This edition features over 100 all-new case studies and examples, which show The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership in action around the world.

Leadership Challenge Workbook

The Leadership Challenge Workbook

By James Kouzes And Barry Posner

Based on Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner's classic book The Leadership Challenge (5th Ed.), this workbook is a hands-on guide for improving your ability to put into action the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® model and become a leader who Models the Way, Inspires a Shared Vision, Challenges the Process, Enables Others to Act, and Encourages the Heart.

... Significantly updated, with a new global focus, and featuring the latest research and new case studies, including international examples.

Christian Reflections Leadership Challenge

Christian Reflections on The Leadership Challenge

By James Kouzes And Barry Posner

Christian Reflections on The Leadership Challenge is a faith-based companion to The Leadership Challenge.  Grounded in Jim and Barry’s time-tested research, Christian Reflections on The Leadership Challenge brings together five leaders who reflect on the Five Practices from a Christian perspective.

John C. Maxwell, David McAllister-Wilson, Patrick Lencioni, Nancy Ortberg, and Ken Blanchard share insights and stories culled from personal experience and the lives of other Christian leaders who have accomplished extraordinary things in churches, communities, classrooms, and corporations.  Their thoughtful reflections on the role of faith in leadership will propel leaders and aspiring leaders.