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Join the Movement

We are looking for people who resonate with our "missional incarnational" approach to sharing the love of Christ in the world. You will find all of us at Communitas International to be very relational, so we want to move from the website and into conversation as soon as possible.

If you would like to explore opportunities with us: short-term teams, internships, volunteering, bi-vocational or full-time church planting - please click on the "Get Started Now" button below to complete our Contact Form. We look forward to hearing your story, and searching for ways that we might extend God's Kingdom on earth together.


Why Join Communitas


If you are looking to join a flexible, dynamic, grace-based movement to support the ministry God is calling you to, or if your heart resonates with our vision and values, let's talk! There are tons of great reasons to partner with us. Here are just a few.

Benefits of working with Communitas

  • Low financial assessment structure
  • Member care provided in the field and at home
  • Missional innovation in secular cities and countries around the world
  • A virtual organization without heavy administrative burdens on missional staff
  • Excellent assessment, training and coaching resources

If you think there may be a connection, let's start a conversation!

Types of Opportunities

There are many ways to join our movement

It is impossible to spark a grassroots movement without lots of volunteers involved! Wherever you live, we can find a way to leverage your skills and gifts to push out this dynamic movement into the world.

Whether you are interested in a service project, a prayer-walking journey, or just want to see what God is doing in our world, we would like to get you involved. Trips range from one week to 3 months, in case you are interested in dedicating an entire summer.

We are pleased to help you explore a missionary calling through our internship program. Communitas internships last from 3 months to 1 year, and take place within the context of one of our existing church plants. Working under our missionary leadership, you can get engaged in hands-on ministry, spiritual formation, and – more than anything else – blessing people in the name of Christ.

In our current economy, it often makes sense for you to bring your occupational skills to the mission field as a way of "tent making". This means that you would serve as a self-supporting missionary by getting a job that not only provides your needed income, but one that pushes you deeper into the community you hope to reach.

Bi-Vocational missionaries may also raise some of their support in order to have more time to dedicate to ministry initiatives. Work permits vary according to your citizenship and the country in which you desire to serve.

Our full-time missionaries serve within our church plants with exclusive focus on showing the love of Jesus to others. In this role you would raise personal support and spend your time involved in ministry initiatives. Communitas International will provide you with the necessary training and tools to equip you for missionary service, and to coach you into effective participation on a church planting team.

Are you currently serving God in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Latin America, or North America? Are you looking to join a flexible, dynamic, grace-based movement to better support the ministry God is calling you to? Do you already or are you willing to raise your own support? Let's talk!

No movement of God happens without sustained and fervent prayer. We would greatly value your commitment to praying for all of our initiatives. By joining our prayer network, you will receive our newsletters and stories from the field, which will keep you informed as to how to intercede on our behalf.

Has God led you to get involved by helping to underwrite this Kingdom venture? We would be blessed to share with you the various ways to support this movement, one of our church plants or projects, or one of our team members.

Please visit our Donation page to explore opportunities for giving. If you would like to speak with one of our leaders about giving options, please contact us.

Attend our Intro to Communitas Webinar

A 90-minute online introductory session

During this 90-minute webinar you will hear a bit about the history of Communitas, the current scope of our ministry, and a variety of ways that you might pray about getting involved. It is perfect for people who are exploring opportunities for missional engagement, or who want to inquire about connecting with our movement.

Additional Topics Covered

  1. Communitas' missional perspective
  2. Communitas' core values and practices
  3. Communitas' approach to missionary service and church planting


2nd Tuesday of each month at either:

  • 08:00 AM Pacific / 17:00 Central Europe time or
  • 10:00 AM Pacific / 19:00 Central Europe time

Registration for this webinar is limited because we want to keep dialogue possible.


Fill out the Communitas Profile

A brief online summary of you and your interest

The profile gives us a very high level overview of your situation and helps us to better move forward with you. It is meant to be fairly simple and we intend for you to only take about 30 minutes to fill it out. Once we receive this information, we will follow up with you to let you know where we go from here.

Attend Engage

Hosted in various worldwide locations throughout the year

Engage is our missionary assessment event for those seeking to join Communitas either as full-time or bi-vocational church planters. It truly is a fantastic time that culminates our application process and helps you assess what Christ is calling you to. Invitations to Engage are issued based upon your personal profile and each individual situation, so we would love to get your profile in soon.

Engage Assessment Events:

  • May 9-13 // Portland, OR

Find a Place to Serve

We have many new projects already launched and under development in Europe, Russia, North America, and Latin America.

Are you a potential team leader or team member? Has God placed a certain city or neighborhood on your heart? We are constantly seeking the Lord for where He will direct us next!

Explore by map or use the opportunity sidebar shortcuts to sort our current opportunities based on region or your primary focus for ministry. Then get back to us and let's begin the journey together.