Healthy and
Growing Leaders

Starting a church begins with healthy and growing leaders and team members. This is not one-dimensional. We approach church planting holistically, taking into account the areas in yourself that need care and attention.

Personal Callings and Contexts

The places, people, and opportunities God invites us to are deeply personal to who we are. Our callings, though unique to each of us, find us working together to make Christ’s love known on this earth. How might God be leading you?

We are excited to walk alongside you as you pursue the calling God has placed on your life.

Soul Wellbeing

Growing into mature Christ-followers, and sustaining that growth, takes intentional work and continual practice. Guiding others in their walk of faith demands that we care for our own soul wellbeing.

Communitas approaches this in a couple of ways. It’s part caring for the wellbeing of our people, and part training and equipping them to become mature and independent in their walk with Christ.

As an organization focused on transforming lives, our neighborhoods, and our world, there is a high priority on soul wellbeing. It is out of healthy people that we can grow healthy churches.

We have several avenues to help our people succeed, both in ministry, as well as in their personal relationship with our God. Our Staff Care and Development team takes the time and care to invest in our people, equipping them for the work laid before them. You can’t have one without the other, and we consider ourselves fortunate to walk alongside our people so they can thrive in their contexts.

From training, to coaching, to lifelong learning and soul care – it is our mission to ensure our people are able to wholeheartedly pursue God and those around them. After all, it is our mission to start and shape communities of faith that love like Jesus in their neighborhoods.

The ways we care for our staff are as varied as the churches we plant.

Prayer & Guidance

We enjoy spending time in prayer together. It is also important to take the time to equip our people with the practices needed to sustain their relationship with God.


This is a time to gather with others around a specific theme. Intentional time is spent by each participant preparing, presenting, and conversing around what each individual has come prepared to share.

Soul Care Retreats

This is an opportunity to get out of your local context for a few days and focus on your relationship with our living God. It’s important to take time to slow down, be away from the demands of day-to-day life, and be given opportunities to reconnect with God.

Funding your ministry

A Relationship, Tailored to You

Communitas is here for you as a resource as you raise and maintain support. Your context may be different from those around you, but we are here to work with you, so you are able to do the work God has set before you.

  • Full Time: You receive a full salary, from support funds raised by you.
  • Part Time: You work part-time for the ministry.
  • Bi-vocational: You have a secondary vocation that is in addition to your ministry. You have the option to raise support to receive a partial salary for your ministry work.
  • Affiliate: You receive no salary for your ministry work, but can reimburse ministry expenses.
  • Intern: Short term staff, and financial needs are tailored to the situation.

Your position within the organization has little to no bearing on your role within Communitas.

Some examples:

  • Your role may be the lead pastor of a church, while being an Affiliate staff member.
  • You may work part time with a Communitas project, and are a stay at home parent.
  • You could be a volunteer for a Communitas church, but have school or work that takes up the majority of your attention – so you’re an Affiliate that has raised some support and is able to reimburse ministry expenses or go on ministry retreats.
  • You’re an intern who is ministering along side Communitas staff and project, so have raised funds according to the time spent on the field.

Contact us to further explore what this could look like in your context!

Ready for a  First step?

Start by filling out a simple form. A Communitas team member will get in touch with you to get to know you and give you more information about the path to the field.