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Do you dream of starting a community of faith that loves like Jesus?

There is a place for you here, and help to realize the calling in your life. You may be called to your current neighborhood, or a continent away. With Communitas you are among friends. All around the world we are starting and shaping faith communities doing just that.

We invite you to learn more about our incarnational approach.


Stories from the Field


Church of the Margins and the Dones

In 2005 I started my journey with Communitas as an “incarnational missional investigator” in the city of Santa Barbara, CA. There was radical need within the margins of an otherwise wealthy community, and for over a decade we worked with and for the marginalized, including a special focus on working within our homelessness culture and assisting survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. 

This work continues, and I now have a particular passion for working with “Dones”: college students who are leaving the church due to questions around the Christian narrative, issues of justice, or just an overall rejection of the current church model. My heart yearns to recapture these young people with the Gospel.


God Never Stopped Working

I have sometimes thought that we are more of a hindrance than a help to God's work. In moments of personal prayer I have surprised myself by asking God not to allow me to spoil what He alone does so well. 

This is funny to me, now that we are getting out of lockdown and meeting our friends again. During our confinement, God has taken advantage of this time to work on people's hearts, without us dancing around with our nerves, pressures and limitations of all kinds. This is something that Spain’s Communitas team has been praying for during this long quarantine, and once again His faithfulness has become evident. His faithfulness and His will, for not wanting anyone to be lost, encouraged our prayers in that sense.

When we began to go out into the street, I wondered what we would find. And what we found was that on the first day of chatting with some of our friends we had conversations at a level of transparency and depth that we had never had before.


The Impact of Giving Day

Before planting a church in Ithaca, NY, Elizabeth and I had begun two university ministries; one at the University at Albany and a second at Cornell University. During that period, we were bi-vocational and also raised ministry support. Eventually, the church we planted grew, I received a salary and was relieved that I would never need to raise support again!

Of course a decade later, when our family prepared to move to Dublin in 2012, we found ourselves again needing to raise monthly support. We entered the process with some trepidation. As we began approaching friends about partnering with us financially, we were reminded, of what in my mind is one of the key benefits of building a team of ministry partners; having a group of people who care deeply about you, and what you do. 

Find Your Place

Director of Mobilization

The Director Mobilization is primarily tasked with creating and stewarding the process and means to direct people into serving within our global mission. Working in close conjunction with the field ministry team and executive leadership, including the president, you will build a team that will “shepherd God’s people toward their calling” and will coach potential new missional staff considering Communitas. You will create numerous opportunities for engagement with Communitas and our mission, including speaking and other engagement events, short term experiences and internships, and more.

Church Planter

Communitas International seeks a Planting Pastor to start and sustain a missionally-focused community of faith. Communitas has been planting churches worldwide for almost 50 years. The Planting Pastor will follow the proven methodology employed by the Communitas network of churches of embedding, initiating, practicing, maturing, hubbing, and extending to pattern the church and its community life, while also enjoying great flexibility to adapt to the specific cultural contexts of the area. The preferred candidate will have prior church-planting experience or extensive education in the areas of missional theology and practice. The efforts of the Planting Pastor will result in a thriving, self-sustaining, authentic, discipleship-oriented, outward-facing and reproducing community of faith in 3 to 5 years.   

Project Leader

As Lead Pastor, you give oversight to the staff and missionary team.  The Lead Pastor takes the initiating role in providing pastoral oversight and leadership to the health  of the community. With the aid of the elder board and missionary team, focus should  be shared among the areas of mission/evangelism, discipleship, leadership development and  establishing and sustaining essential functions of a growing and maturing church in the areas  of worship, community groups, children, operations, and other essential functions. As a natural process of living internationally, embedding in the culture and learning the language well should  be an ongoing work in progress. 


Communitas International seeks Interns who will assist Planting Pastors and Team Leaders to start and sustain a missionally – focused community of faith. Communitas has been planting churches worldwide for almost 50 years. The Intern will assist the Planting Pastor in the proven methodology employed by the Communitas network of churches of embedding, initiating, practicing, maturing, hubbing, and extending to pattern the church and its community life, while also enjoying great flexibility to adapt to the specific cultural contexts of the area. The preferred candidate will be at least a college Junior or volunteer adult who has a great interest in church-planting as well as missional theology and practice. The efforts of the Intern will result in greater personal and mission effectiveness which will in turn leave the host project more healthy and thriving due to the efforts of the Intern.


What Intern Can Expect from local Communitas Team: 

The Intern can expect the following from the leader and local team:

  1. You will be welcomed into the place of ministry and given opportunities to embed in the culture.
  2. You will meet with your team leader at least weekly to discuss your progress and the ministry/personal work that needs to be done.
  3. You will be supported in the transition to the new culture – however, you will also be given the freedom to explore on your own. As an intern, you should expect that the local team will give guidance, but not seek to micromanage your stay there.
  4. Times of prayer and support as you meet the challenges of living in a new culture.

We sincerely hope that your internship will lead you to a greater understanding of God’s plan and purpose for your life.

Internship – The Table, Dublin

There are three main components to the Communitas Dublin Internship Program:

  1. Knowing: Part of the process will be growing in the knowledge of God as well as various aspects of ministry. You will read one book per month and report on an discuss with your team leader. You will also read other material as assigned, and meet with the team leader on a weekly basis for mentoring.
  2. Doing: The internship will be very much ‘hands-on’, it is vocationally driven & structured. The course will include a comprehensive range of studies/teaching and hands-on practical projects in a variety of areas of ministry enabling personal growth in trust and confidence in God. All opportunities to serve should be seen as part of the individuals continued growth & understanding. A log will also be kept, detailing all activities & events that the individual has taken part in.
  3. Being: The most important part of this process, is encouraging you to continually develop your relationship with God, and to grow in practices of contemplative spirituality. You will keep a private spiritual journal, charting personal growth in all areas of understanding. You will be encouraged to embrace the disciplines that are integral to being a follower of Jesus.


Length of Internship:

There are currently two intern opportunities. A one year program (a visa will be required) and a 3-month program.

Communications Coordinator

Our Benelux Advancement Team is looking for a Communications Coordinator. So, are you basically fluent in Dutch and English? Are you someone who can communicate clearly in different forms? Are you energized by thinking through, developing, and executing a communication plan for an organization? Do you have a heart for God and do you want to build His kingdom in the Benelux? If so, please click here to check out the full opportunity profile and learn more.

Hier is ook het Nederlandse profiel. We horen graag van je!

Interested? Let us know, by sending us an email at or fill out the form below.

Time Commitment: 4-6 hours a week

Office Manager

Our Benelux Advancement Team is looking for an Office Manager. Are you someone who can organize well and loves to plan? Do you have a heart for God and do you want to build His kingdom in the Benelux? Does it energize you to arrange / plan / monitor daily processes here? If so, please click here for the opportunity profile in order to learn more.

Hier is ook het Nederlandse profiel. We horen graag van je!

Interested? Let us know, by sending us an email at or fill out the form below.

Time Commitment: 4-6 hours a week

Children’s Worker

This role would involve overseeing the weekly staffing, oversight, and running of children’s ministry at Upper Room. Including nursery/creche and children’s classes. A longer-term hope would be that this person would be able to start a Vacation Bible Study program (VBS).

This is a Short or Long-term position.

English as a Second Language

This role could be for someone who is trained to teach ESL, or simply for someone willing to engage in conversational English. This role augments our ministry and is vital for a refugee to settle in the culture.

Communitas News


Jon Ritner’s new book, Positively Irritating, is now available

What does church look like in a post-Christian world? We at Communitas International have been asking this for many decades. The new book by Jon Ritner, Positively Irritating, was released November 13th. Jon is a former missional staff member. He now serves on our international board and is a pastor in Hollywood, California.

It has been an exciting launch month for Positively Irritating. We crossed 500 copies sold including copies sold through Amazon to readers in the U.K. Canada, Australia, Belgium, and Germany! Our family had a wonderful small launch celebration with Rita and Michael Warren, and current Board members, Teal Rapp and Stephen Millage in California. For our American friends, I believe this book will be a good resource to share with your supporters and home churches to articulate how they can apply the experiences of missionaries embedded in Post-Christianity abroad.

We loved sharing our Communitas’ story and I close my acknowledgements with this statement: "“Finally, I want to thank the courageous liminal leaders from Forge International, Communitas International, and Movement Leaders Collective who welcomed us into their respective tribes and who challenge us to keep following Jesus into the unknown.”

Jon Ritner

Strutzenbergs have arrived in Scotland

Celebrate with us the Strutzenberg family's arrival to Scotland!

Andrew and Kali are joining Drew and Christine Van Tiem in Edinburgh with a heart to serve those in their neighborhood of Leith.

Please pray with us as they settle into their flat, get to know their new city, and explore what God has waiting for them!


Giving Day 2020 was a Success!

$155,707 given on GIVING DAY 2020! THANK YOU!

$155,707.07 was provided by God on our annual Giving Day, supporting our front-line missional workers and the Communitas movement. Thank you to all who made this amazing day possible!

With you, we met our $20,000 Kingdom Advancement Challenge Grant!

Thank you for your partnership in prayer and finances as together we start communities of faith that are transforming lives, transforming neighborhoods, and transforming the world for Jesus Christ. 


Psalm 148 for Audacious Praise

Written by Communitas staff member Wesley White:

In this time of international uncertainty, it is fitting that ardent worshippers of the God of the Bible give critical attention to Psalm 148.  As we might give historical considerations to the Psalter as a whole, this Psalm in particular features prominently in Hebraic liturgical traditions, most pointedly detailed in the Mishnah, that hermeneutically fertile collection of Jewish oral tradition that has been accorded such rigorous rabbinic attention in Judaism.


Statement and Action Plan on Racial Equity

Communitas stands with our sisters and brothers worldwide who seek to identify and eradicate racism and injustice wherever it exists. While current events have reawakened public awareness regarding racism and injustice, we know that these are not new battles—just the latest ones in a long war that has plagued the US for centuries and the world for millennia. It is our great hope that this recent global demand for change would be the beginning of the long-overdue victory over these evils that, Scriptures assure us, grieve the heart of God. We stand with BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) as they lead the way in bringing change that tangibly and systemically exemplifies the Good News of Jesus for all.

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New Vision and Mission Statements

Communitas Friends and Family:

Amid the pandemic, which will reshape our lives for years to come, we know that our mission from the Lord has not changed as his followers: we continue to make disciples and to love our neighbors, ultimately seeking life transformation around the globe. Thank you for partnering in this task!

Communitas has always been about making disciples and starting churches. I am excited to share our new vision statement with you:

Transformed Lives - Transformed Neighborhoods - Transformed World

Church Plants
Team Members