Start and Shape Churches that
Love like Jesus

We empower, coach, and send you to transform neighborhoods around the world through local church planting.

International church planting for anyone with a passion for cross-cultural ministry and a longing for a new expression of the Church.

The world is deciding they don’t need Jesus but are searching for everything He offers – purpose, belonging, community, and life.

Every neighborhood needs a radically new church. Churches that honor cultures, embed deeply into communities, and earn the right to be heard.

They don’t need buildings; they need people like you to move into neighborhoods with a vision to love and see the community transformed.

“We start and shape churches that love like Jesus to transform our neighborhoods, cities, and world.”

Communitas International

What We Offer

for the pioneer

for the team player

for the unsure

For the pioneer

Your dream of missions is a unique combination of your giftings and callings. Every expression of the Church is a unique community that grows from local contexts and the vision of the leader.

For the unsure

If you feel a stirring but don’t yet know where, when, or how, we can help you distill where God is moving. Join a conversation and discover full-time, bi-vocational, internship opportunities and more across the world.

For the team player

Throw out what you’ve thought makes someone “qualified” to go on mission. You don’t need to be a church planter, pastor, or seminary graduate. We have existing teams that need your unique gifts and dreams. Join an existing project and do ministry among friends.

A Trusted Church Planting Partner

Communitas has been equipping people to start and shape churches across the world for nearly 50 years.

We are about recognizing the calling God has laid on your life - not fitting you into our box. Whether you're looking to do ministry where you're at or in another country, you can find a team here with Communitas.

"Communitas allows me to live every moment as a sacred moment within community."

- Christy      

"Communitas was just the tribe I was looking for as an urban church planter.

Communitas supported my desire to try to express church differently without having to go about it all alone."

- Jon      

"Communitas is innovative. There’s no set model to mass produce.

We have a culture that values holding the tension between grace and truth.

We have a lot of fun and folly and don’t take ourselves too seriously."

- Remko      

The plan

1. Start a Conversation

We start with your dream. Let’s get to know each other and talk about what God is stirring within you. Our role is to equip you to follow that call.

2. Prepare

You’ll walk through both group and individual training that will help you refine your dream, navigate the fundraising process, and prepare to go.

3. Go

Once you’re ready, you’ll embark on your adventure. Whether you’re planting yourself or joining an existing project.

Ready for a  First step?

Start by filling out a simple form. A Communitas team member will get in touch with you to get to know you and give you more information about the path to the field.

A new approach to church planting.


Starting a church begins with healthy and growing leaders and team members. We’re committed to holistic church planting, caring about your personal calling, context, and wellbeing.

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Each Communitas church begins with attentiveness to what God is doing in their local contexts. Our churches share the same DNA and values, but leave room for vastly different expressions.

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We’re committed to putting roots in our context, intentionally listening and looking for how God is moving. When we embed ourselves and initiate from a humble heart, we’re sensitive to how the Holy Spirit is moving and inviting us to join in.

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As our churches mature and grow, we can then turn around and do it all over again in new contexts. Relationships evolve into new initiatives in the same neighborhoods or across the world.

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Take A Next Step

Taking the Fear Out of Fundraising

Your Map to Going into Cross-Cultural Ministry

Am I Ready to Go Into Cross-Cultural Missions?

Open Opportunities

Are you sensing a call to cross-cultural missions, but not sure what that looks like yet? An open opportunity in an existing project might be the perfect fit for you. Work together with like-minded, passionate followers of Jesus.

Community Missionary

Community Missionary

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Children’s Worker

Children’s Worker

Upper Room Church ( meets in the West End of Glasgow and is a community of mainly ...

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