Be part of international church planting for 1-3 years.

“I’m not ready to go to the mission field long-term yet.”

If you have a heart for cross-cultural church planting but aren’t sure what that looks like, a short term partnership will let you be mentored by long-term missionaries, experience international church planting, live overseas, and better understand your gifts and callings.

Experience the mission field for 1-3 years

Get a taste for long term missions.

Get mentorship

You’ll be placed on an existing team of missionaries and serve alongside team members.

Grow in your gifts

Better understand your gifts as you share the good news.

The path to the field

You sense a leading towards short-term missions

You want to become a mission worker and are interested in a 1-2 year field experience. 

You research missions agencies

Spend some time exploring options for how long you want to go on mission, where you want to serve, and your place in a team. There are spaces for every ability.


You start a conversation with Communitas

We have a conversation to hear about your dream. We would love to connect with you and find out how we can journey along side each other in God’s leading!

We’ll help you get ready

If Communitas is the best fit for you, you’ll be equipped with ministry training, mentors, resources and more to get you ready for life on the field! We’ll walk you through the fundraising process as well as preparing for the next steps.


You head off on your big adventure

Once you’re ready, you’ll embark on your new adventure. Communitas will remain alongside you to be the tribe you need. Our community of likeminded believers will be with you to help you thrive in ministry.


Open Opportunities

Are you sensing a call to cross-cultural missions, but not sure what that looks like yet? An open opportunity in an existing project might be the perfect fit for you. Work together with like-minded, passionate followers of Jesus.

algeciras, spain | 1-3 years or 3+ years

Church Planter

We’re looking for someone with a heart for the Moroccan people and an openness to untraditional forms of church.


Campus Mobilizer Internship

your campus | 3-18 months (part time)

Campus Mobilizer Internship

We’re looking for someone who will mobilize people to the mission field. This position involves connecting with other students on campus and helping them lean into their sense of God’s calling on their life. You’ll be part of a small team that helps students discern and move towards serving the Lord internationally.


glasgow scotland

glasgow, scotland | 1-3 years or 3+ years

Children’s Worker

This role would involve overseeing the weekly staffing, oversight, and running of children’s ministry at Upper Room. Including nursery/creche and children’s classes. A longer-term hope would be that this person would be able to start a Vacation Bible Study program (VBS).


A Trusted Church Planting Partner

Communitas has been equipping people to start and shape churches across the world for nearly 50 years.

We are about recognizing the calling God has laid on your life - not fitting you into our box. Whether you're looking to do ministry where you're at or in another country, you can find a team here with Communitas.

"I’ve stayed with Communitas for 18 years because of the people and the vision."

- Kevin     

"I’ve had a lot of bad experiences with religious people in the past, but I'm finding that everyone here doesn’t always think the same, and that’s ok. We don’t have to."

- Anonymous      

"The thing about Communitas that I connect with most are the values; the grace oriented value in particular and how that is described and talked through. The way I see Communitas staff living out those values is so attractive. I just kind of fell in love with Communitas."

- Barbara      


Fill out the form and we’ll reach out to you shortly. We would love to connect with you and find out how we can journey alongside each other in God’s leading! You will also receive a link to download a section of “The Dynamic Adventure: A Guide to Starting and Shaping Missional Churches" as our way of saying “Thank you!”

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