Stories from the Field

Coming Crawling on All Fours

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Communitas and our partners minister around the world to help people see the love of Jesus. Whether young or old, the message of the gospel breaks chains and provides hope for those who are lost.   Jim and Candy minister in the town of Pizek, Czech Republic, about an hour and a half south of Prague.…

Lifting Up Ukraine


Communitas International is seeing peoples’ lives changed forever by helping churches engage in current events, and by sharing the gospel with people who don’t yet know Jesus.  As we start and shape churches, our missionaries are on the front lines, both spiritually and physically. They are a part of how God is uniting churches globally to…

An Introduction to TCKs

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Communitas International starts and shapes communities of faith that love like Jesus in their neighborhoods. As we send people to the field, we are intentional about making sure they are equipped with as many resources as they need. We want each missionary family to make the transition and the journey as smoothly as possible– especially…

Five Steps to Engage with Your Community


Living a missionary life is not just for missionaries overseas. It is for all of us who follow Jesus! Our lives should always be on mission—on mission for the Lord as His ambassadors and representatives in this world. But how do we do that practically? What does it look like to begin wondering about how…

A Fresh Aroma of Christ


“We have worked in Holland for decades. We have worked in Latin America for over a decade. But we’ve never planted churches in the Caribbean. Is God inviting us into a new place? It’s full of the same post-Christendom we see across Europe and the Americas.”  Last year, Eric Curtiss, COO of Communitas International, asked…

Continued Prayers for Ukraine


Photo by Dominic Chavez licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 As the war in Ukraine has devastated that nation and its peoples, Wes White, one of our missional staff in the UK, pleads for your prayers for his friends and colleagues from the Ukraine Evangelical Theological Seminary in Kyiv, where Wes has taught.  Nykolai (name changed)…

Even in War, we see the Body of Christ


Christianity Today tells a story of two unlikely people praying for each other: a Ukrainian and a Russian. Two friends torn apart by war. One full of fear and the other full of shame for his nation—but each praying for the other in the midst of the current devastating situation in Ukraine. As Russia invaded…

Honoring Our Founder, Linus Morris

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This past October, the founder of Communitas International (formerly Christian Associates International), Linus Morris, was honored at an 80th birthday party thrown by his daughter Laina Graf and her family, along with many other Morris family members, various guests and people whose lives have been touched and impacted by Linus and Sharon. In typical Linus…

From New Life to New Life

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Communitas starts and shapes communities of faith that love like Jesus in their neighborhoods. We do this by sending missionaries to new cultures and by training people in their home contexts to start churches. Some of our work is happening in the disputed territory between Ukraine and Russia, which is currently very much in the…