Stories from the Field

Jesus Heals in the Netherlands

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Brad Smith, working in the Netherlands, describes how God works in mysterious ways, beyond what we could ever hope for or ask, for His Kingdom and for His purposes: One day, I invited Jochen*, one of the men I was mentoring, to go prayer walking with me. It was a new experience for him. While…

God At Work In a Pandemic


In the midst of a pandemic, it’s easy to see the hardships, the struggles, the trials. But  if we look with eyes to see and ears to hear, we might just see God at work. He is always working. In southern France, for example, a long-established café culture exists. Almost everywhere, you can find small,…

Why Go? – Our Temporary Home

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We are starting a series highlighting various reasons why our missionaries decided to join us in partnering with God in creating communities of faith.  Maybe God is nudging you or someone you know? Read on! Todd and Y Bonesteele were 37 years old with four young kids between the ages of 2 and 8. Living…

The Impact of Giving Day


Before planting a church in Ithaca, NY, Elizabeth and I had begun two university ministries; one at the University at Albany and a second at Cornell University. During that period, we were bi-vocational and also raised ministry support. Eventually, the church we planted grew, I received a salary and was relieved that I would never…