On the Ground, Serving Refugees

In the midst of war, our missional staff are working hard to help and serve in the name of Christ! 

Jay Benfante, one of our newest cross-cultural staff, recently moved to Prishtina, Kosovo. Just four days later, he was flying to Romania to help Serve the City, a Communitas partner, serve refugees from the current war between Russia and Ukraine. 

Together with a network of churches and nonprofits, many have banded together to serve, house, transport, feed and clothe refugees coming over the border into Romania. Jay has been helping facilitate a partnership with UPS (yes, the United Parcel Service!) and Serve the City in western Europe to help bring tons of goods to Romania for refugees. Ukrainians and others are flooding into Romania, trying to flee the war as early spring in Europe brings unrelenting cold. Workers continue serving nonstop, day in and day out. They continue to need our help and support.

When Jay arrived in Bucharest, Romania, he found himself in a hostel with many international students who had been studying in Ukraine but who, within months of beginning studies, were running from their dorms at the sound of bombs. Catching trains and buses to Romania, many left with nothing and now were staying in this hostel. 

In his own words, Jay reports, “To bring a little bit of home to these people who had just lost everything, I purchased pizzas, chips, drinks, cookies, and chocolate and introduced myself to everyone I ran into. Many congregated in the common area and shared food, drinks, and stories of how they came to Romania. And we laughed and talked and played Jenga late into the night. I loved having the opportunity to share the love I have experienced in Jesus with a few of them.” 

From Virginia to Kosovo to Romania, like Jay, God leads us to where He wants us to serve and to be His hands and feet. We simply need to say yes. It’s not always easy. It’s not always safe. But when we live like Jesus and for Jesus, following His lead, He will always be with us! All so that the world may know a God who is all-loving, holy, and always in control, even when the world we know is in chaos.

Will you consider partnering with us in prayer and finances as we continue sending people like Jay to help bring hope, a warm bed, and food, and to help men, women, and children in desperation know the touch of Jesus? Please join us by supporting our front-line efforts to help the people of Ukraine who are fleeing to Poland, Romania, and Czechia. Communitas staff and partner churches are directly engaged in housing, feeding, and caring for refugees — often at great personal sacrifice. 

100% of YOUR GIFT will support these efforts directly, and the need remains tremendous… in fact, it is significantly larger than when we first asked for your help last month. Please give as the Lord prompts you. Thank you. 


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