The True Spirit Versus False Spirits

Communitas churches and missional workers continue to serve Christ around the world. And in our time of mobility, where every nation has their immigrants and foreigners, many communities of faith are seeing the world come to them from every corner of the earth.

In Warsaw, Poland, Scott and Jacqui Curely of City Church recently had a baptism service where eight people publicly declared their faith in Jesus. Those that were baptized came from places like Rwanda, the Philippines, Poland, and Zimbabwe. God is blessing the nations through this church!

Reyna, a woman from the Philippines who was baptized, comes from a difficult past. After years of experiencing toxic relationships, practicing witchcraft and divination, and abusing alcohol, she was led by God to encounter Him. She met some volunteers from City Church serving the homeless in downtown Warsaw who invited her to come with them to church. 

At the same time, the Holy Spirit led another friend to challenge Reyna about the true identity of the “spirit guides” that she thought were helping her. Realizing that her life wasn’t any better and that she was actually being led down dark paths, her eyes were opened to see that there is only one true Holy Spirit.

Reyna wrote, “After that incident, I threw away all my cards, crystals and other divination tools. I started attending City Church and getting to know God.” And then Jacqui had the privilege and joy of praying with her to become a follower of Jesus!

The Holy Spirit is moving and working throughout the world to reach people in every walk of life. Pray for the continued growth of God’s kingdom! Pray for those who were baptized at City Church in Warsaw, and for Reyna who found new life through Jesus. And please join us in praying for a deep movement of the Spirit of God in Warsaw and beyond!

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