As our churches mature and grow, we can then turn around and do it all over again in new contexts. That new context could be a different neighborhood of the same city, or across the country or world. After all, it is our vision to see Transformed Lives, Transformed Neighborhoods, and a Transformed World.


Discover the two Dynamics of Hubbing and Extending


As our churches “grow up” they create hubs where internal resources and external relationships interact to create new initiatives. This may look like planting a new church or missional initiative across town or down the road, starting again by listening to what God may be doing in this new part of the city.

In Poland, a missionary was sent out by his local church to plant a new church in a different city. Upon arriving there, it became clear that God was asking him to step into a different need for the moment: homeless ministry. In following God’s prompting, he established a ministry center where he could love and serve the marginalized. As this ministry grew, doors began to open to start churches in these spaces as well. There are now several new churches growing out of these unexpected beginnings!

An established church in Madrid sent out a team of people to another neighborhood within the city. The new community that formed centered on artists and their work within the area. This new church was able to bring the love of Jesus to a group of people out of reach of the sending church, further transforming our world.

In caring deeply for their community in Madrid, a burden grew for seeing lives transformed across the country. From this calling came yet another team of people, ready to start again in Valencia, Spain. That church in Valencia is a thriving, authentic community of people, discovering new ways of loving their neighbors in the name of Jesus.

Communitas’ first church in Geneva was started out of a love and excitement for the people in that city. As the church grew and matured, a team was sent out to begin another faith community, this time in Amsterdam. The church in Amsterdam did the same, and went on to plant other churches in other cities around Europe, beginning the network of churches that became Communitas.


As a community continues to extend beyond the borders of a given city, we see the gospel being spread farther than we can imagine. It’s exciting when our churches continue on a pathway toward health and maturity that leads to reproduction – where we plant churches who plant churches who plant churches.

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