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50 Years of Impact

2018 Communitas family portrait

Communitas International is celebrating 50 years of God at work through our movement. With you, we start churches who think, care, and act like Jesus in the world. These churches and church-planting projects are actively reaching people in need across Europe, North America, and Latin America, proclaiming salvation and demonstrating grace to those who desperately…

Aline’s Ministry Journey

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Since I was a teenager, I somehow knew that God would guide my way differently than having a regular life with family and children. Today, looking back, I see so clearly how God has been preparing the way–step by step–for where I am at present. After finishing my studies in Amsterdam, one of the components…

Being Available for the Least of These


Communitas International starts and shapes communities of faith that love like Jesus in their neighborhoods. In other words, we start churches. And as we do so, our staff across the globe are helping those who are marginalized, defeated, and distraught, to feel a sense of belonging in a Christ-centered community as they experience the love…

Five Steps to Engage with Your Community


Living a missionary life is not just for missionaries overseas. It is for all of us who follow Jesus! Our lives should always be on mission—on mission for the Lord as His ambassadors and representatives in this world. But how do we do that practically? What does it look like to begin wondering about how…

God is Moving in Brazil


God is on the move! Even in the midst of strange COVID-19 days, we see God at work. Here are a few examples from our teams across Brazil, the nation with the second highest COVID cases in the world: São Paulo Sampa Church was our first church in Latin America. Recently, a cool relationship that…

Honoring Our Founder, Linus Morris

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This past October, the founder of Communitas International (formerly Christian Associates International), Linus Morris, was honored at an 80th birthday party thrown by his daughter Laina Graf and her family, along with many other Morris family members, various guests and people whose lives have been touched and impacted by Linus and Sharon. In typical Linus…