Intentional Living – Sharing The Nourishment Of Christ One Bite At A Time

CA staff Darrin and Julie Jones chose a restaurant for date night not knowing it would change the owner’s life for eternity and bind their hearts together. After a great meal and sensing spiritual hunger within Fabian, the restaurant owner, Darrin brought this question back to his faith community in Southern France: “What would it look like for us to take this grace we talk about where the perfume of the life of Christ could actually fill a place?”

Over the next months, this group of Christ-followers intentionally met in the restaurant, coming around Fabian in a way that allowed him to listen, explore and learn safely. Within this gospel-resistant French culture they were wonderfully surprised when Fabian began to refer to himself as a believer. His conversion happened as he savored “bites” of the conversations about Jesus. Fabian went to be with the Lord this past year. God used His people to display Kingdom-living in a way that allowed Fabian, a restaurateur, to taste and see that the Lord is good.

How would you respond?

Personally: Are you living intentionally?  If you would like to explore this in greater depth, we would like to help. Through our partnership with Forge Mission Training Network, you may be able to join a learning group with others who are seeking to apply these ideas in your area.

Is God calling you to join some of our missionaries at a location in the world where this is a primary way we demonstrate the life-changing Gospel message? Check out our ministry and leadership needs in MinneapolisMadridLisbon, and Sao Paulo. There are loads of other opportunities, too.

To get started, just click here and let us know how to be in touch with you.

Prayerfully:  Pray for mission work happening in Gospel-resistant places of the world. The city in this story has many historic evidences of faith, but the church has become irrelevant in the minds of most local people, who often experience true spiritual poverty. Please pray for people to be open to conversations with our missional staff about Jesus.

Financially:  Our missionaries seek to live intentionally throughout the world.  Your generous financial partnership will help equip and train them to express the message of Christ in these creative ways. Click here to support the mission and ministry of CA.

Photo: Fabian in the middle, surrounded by McKenna, Darrin, Sawyer and Julie Jones

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