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A Glimpse Into Serve The City


Serve The City Volunteer Weeks are happening all over the world!  Here is a glimpse into the Big Volunteer Week that took place in Brussels this month!  Join the team in Brussels next year for their 10 editions of Serve The City:  June 28th to July5th, 2014. Continue to get updates about Serve The City…

Its Time To Tell A New Story


A year into my ministry in Brussels, I had a revelation that was both liberating and terrifying at the same time. After spending hours listening to secular university students, career-minded young adults and parents, I came to this realization: Jesus Christ, as I was accustomed to sharing Him, had nothing to offer these people. The…

Faith Olson


I was raised in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California, but my home has been Williamsburg, VA for many years. I’m pretty much the exception to the missionary rule: retired, widowed and certainly not 30-something anymore. I’ve been married twice, widowed twice – and so am the “matriarch” of a fairly large blended family.…

The Well


Picture a well – ancient rounded stones of all shapes and sizes, fresh thirst-quenching water, and a big bucket to draw water and serve others. We are the Well – the living stones of community, the living water of faith in Jesus, and a bucket full of love for the world. Make a wish for…

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