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Kingdom Innovator – Team Member

Lisbon, Portugal
We are looking for someone who wants to do something intense and creative and challenging with the next segment of their ministry life. This community, located a bit west of Lisbon, Portugal became divided in vision and has been languishing and is in need of servant leaders who can gather the scattered and grow a fellowship. What is needed is to bring a grace-focused vision, healthy discipleship and engagement with the Kingdom mission of Jesus. This would be an international, English speaking faith community  here in a beautiful coastal area in southern Europe. We are interested in servant leaders who...

Lisboa Matrix – Cascais


Lisbon is a beautiful city located near the point where the Tejo river, having run across nearly the entire Iberian Peninsula, finally reaches the Atlantic. The people of Lisbon are open and engaging about life and often about spiritual and faith concerns as well. For the younger generations especially, there is frequently an ambivalence about…

Location Lisbon
Project Status Early