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Back From Haiti


CA’s Latin America Director, Steve Adams, led a team to Haiti in May with the goal of improving the lives of Haitians who still desperately need help.  This team also focused their efforts on 5 major projects including a new church plant that will begin in July!  Watch this video as we celebrate what God…

Daniel & Dumelle Davilmar


Born in northern Haiti to a Christian family, I (Daniel) accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior at the age of 15. I served in various areas of ministry including youth pastor, senior pastor, and founding pastor. In spite of the extreme poverty and violence in the island of Haiti, God raised me and my…

Ronald & Newdeline Fidele Lamarre


Our ministry journey is spreading the Word of God throughout people in Pignon, Haiti, leading them to turn in faith to Christ, teaching the youth how to be closer to God, not a gun, supporting people in their needs, and encouraging them. Deut 15:11

Location Pignon
Time on Staff 1 Year