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Church of the Margins and the Dones


In 2005 I started my journey with Communitas as an “incarnational missional investigator” in the city of Santa Barbara, CA. There was radical need within the margins of an otherwise wealthy community, and for over a decade we worked with and for the marginalized, including a special focus on working within our homelessness culture and…

Eucharist Church


Eucharist Church is a congregation in San Francisco connecting ancient forms of worship and classic Christian faith to the lives of 21st-century people. Our mission is to form disciples of Jesus who live all of life in reference to God. Rooted in the Anglican tradition, we believe the best way to reach out to a post-Christian…

Internship – Eucharist Church

Eucharist San Francisco, CA
Rooted in the Anglican tradition, we believe the best way to reach out to a post-Christian society is to embody a thick culture of Christian faith in order to facilitate deep discipleship and faith formation. Rather than pursue the endless rabbit trail of “relevance” we seek to communally embody and proclaim the gospel that is unabashedly foreign to secular, post-Christendom culture, while providing on-ramps for spiritual seekers and inquirers. If you’re interested in joining the Eucharist team, please check out available positions at eucharistsf.org/jobs.

Kaleo Fellowship Bakersfield


A church, but maybe not what you think… Kaleo Fellowship is a church, but we may not fit your notion of what a church is. We believe the church is God at work through His followers. So while you may find us gathered in a home celebrating our relationship with God and encouraging each other…

Location California
Project Status Mature
Project Age 13 Years

Jon, Kristyn, Addy & Jax Ritner


Jon and Kristyn served in a “mega church” in Williamsburg, Virginia for 10 years before moving to Brussels, Belgium to help plant “micro churches” as part of Communitas’ project, The Well. Now the Ritners are applying the lessons they learned about adapting the church to post-Christendom back in America as part of a local faith…

Jeff Shaffer


To know me is to know someone who has always been a bit unconventional and on the outside – being the class clown of my high school and forming a fringe club on our campus based on the rabbit in Monty Python in the Holy Grail!  I have re-discovered this in myself as I began…

Uffizi Mission Project


Our mission is to open old and new rooms in Santa Barbara for union, incarnation, and friendship-building. Our trust in Christ is best shown by our outward actions of love and compassion in our community and ultimately throughout the world. It is our belief that orthopraxy is as important as orthodoxy. The mission is continually…

Marty & Carey Uhler


Marty and Carey are graduates of Westmont College in Santa Barbara ’81 and ’85. In 1988 they moved to Amsterdam, The Netherlands with their one-year-old daughter Carly, to serve with Communitas in church planting. During their four and a half years in Holland they helped to establish Crossroads International Church and Marty completed an M.A.…