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  • Team Leader

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  • Internship

Job Description

Communitas International seeks Interns who will assist Planting Pastors and Team Leaders to start and sustain a missionally – focused community of faith. Communitas has been planting churches worldwide for over 50 years. The Intern will assist the Planting Pastor in the proven methodology employed by the Communitas network of churches of embedding, initiating, practicing, maturing, hubbing, and extending to pattern the church and its community life, while also enjoying great flexibility to adapt to the specific cultural contexts of the area. The preferred candidate will be at least a college Junior or volunteer adult who has a great interest in church-planting as well as missional theology and practice. The efforts of the Intern will result in greater personal and mission effectiveness which will in turn leave the host project more healthy and thriving due to the efforts of the Intern.


What Intern Can Expect from local Communitas Team: 

The Intern can expect the following from the leader and local team:

  1. You will be welcomed into the place of ministry and given opportunities to embed in the culture.
  2. You will meet with your team leader at least weekly to discuss your progress and the ministry/personal work that needs to be done.
  3. You will be supported in the transition to the new culture – however, you will also be given the freedom to explore on your own. As an intern, you should expect that the local team will give guidance, but not seek to micromanage your stay there.
  4. Times of prayer and support as you meet the challenges of living in a new culture.

We sincerely hope that your internship will lead you to a greater understanding of God’s plan and purpose for your life.

Principal Duties & Responsibilities

This Internship is set up to provide a training experience for young people or adults considering a long term vocational ministry commitment.  Specific areas of responsibility are established by the sponsoring project for this Internship, and supervised by designated staff team members.

The following expectations and policies will be in effect for Interns for the full duration of their service with CI . 

  • All Interns are considered ‘trainees’ and therefore must be under the direct supervision of a CI staff member for the duration of their Internship.
  • CI will agree to provide specific training and learning experiences related to the practice of missional incarnational evangelism and church planting. 
  • Intern supervisors will schedule weekly meetings with the Intern group and with Interns individually for purposes of training and supervision.
  • All CI Interns are expected to live and work in a way that is consistent with CI’s values and core practices.  Specific guidelines regarding dress code, smoking, and drug and alcohol use can be found in the Communitas Policy and Procedures Manual. 
  • CI Interns can expect to be treated in a way that is consistent with our values and practices including defined supervision, clear communication, provision of essential services, regular evaluations and a commitment to personal development.
  • Interns must carry valid health insurance for the duration of their Internship.
  • CI is under no obligation to extend an invitation to a long term missionary position at the completion of the Internship period.  Interns who wish to pursue a missionary staff position will be requested to complete a staff application and assessment process.  Likewise Interns are under no obligation to CI after the completion of their Internship. 

General Responsibilities

  • Embed in context and culture  
    • Work with your team leader to determine how you will serve in the local project
    • work through the “missionary learning” agenda
    • ask the key “why” questions that define ministry in this place
  • Explore & participate in missional engagements
    • Work with your team leader to determine the appropriate ministry opportunities and then remain accountable to the leader for effective service
    • Participate in the relational and ministry opportunities in this place
    • Understand the distinctions as they compare to the American church
    • Journal about the ways your experiences redefine or expand your concept of “church”
  • Interview and understand missionary realities, with a goal of embracing the missionary lifestyle
    • Understand unique approaches from your Team leader and other staff members


Each CI Intern is permitted to raise financial support to offset basic living expenses.  This will be disbursed as a monthly stipend, based on the agreed upon budget.  Each CI Intern will also be permitted to seek financial support to offset agreed ministry related expenses such as attendance at CI staff events and training.  These expenses may be reimbursed with prior permission from the Intern’s supervisor/s. At year end, each CI Intern will be provided with IRS 1099 summarizing his/her total taxable compensation.  It is the responsibility of each CI Intern to report this income and pay any applicable taxes and/or social security contributions to the IRS.

IMPORTANT: All donations received by CI are under the control of the organization including those ‘preferenced’ for the work of a missionary or Intern. Disbursements of these funds to a missionary account must comply with the most current CI policy and procedure manual.  All donations are subject to the 10% EST (essential services transfer) prior to allocation to a project or ministry account.  Should service with CI end due to resignation or dismissal, funds in a missionary or project account are reviewed by the Finance Facilitator and HR Manager for applicable disbursements of severance pay and legitimate expenses. Remaining funds are returned to the Kingdom Advancement Fund of CI to be reallocated at the discretion of the leadership team.  

Belief and Commitment

All staff need to maintain a strong commitment to our:
Statement of Faith
Statement on Gender Equality
Statement on Racial Equity

Communitas International seeks Interns who will assist Planting Pastors and Team Leaders to start and sustain a missionally – focused community of faith.

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