Project Leader

Official Title

Lead Pastor / Church Planting Team Leader

Reports To

  • Regional Leadership

Job Description

As Lead Pastor, you give oversight to the staff and missionary team.  The Lead Pastor takes the initiating role in providing pastoral oversight and leadership to the health  of the community. With the aid of the elder board and missionary team, focus should  be shared among the areas of mission/evangelism, discipleship, leadership development and  establishing and sustaining essential functions of a growing and maturing church in the areas  of worship, community groups, children, operations, and other essential functions. As a natural process of living internationally, embedding in the culture and learning the language well should  be an ongoing work in progress. 

Principal Duties & Responsibilities

  • Mission & Evangelism
    • Committed to and actively challenging your team to be on mission and outwardly  focused
    • Dedicate an amount of time to relational evangelism and missional outreach
  • Community formation
    • Exercise hospitality generously
    • Lead a community group with the view of raising up new leaders and multiplying  groups
    • Create an overall atmosphere for healthy community to thrive ensuring that grace  is a value that is practiced and highly regarded.
  • Discipleship & Leadership Development
    • Mentor young leaders
    • Being mentored
    • Disciple young and maturing believers
    • Be intentional about equipping leaders in areas of service
    • Grow discipleship and leadership development pathways
  • Leadership
    • Give oversight to staff
    • Help community grow from a planted church to a longer term sustainable church
    • Lead collaboratively with the Elder team as fellow elder
    • Inspire a shared vision
    • Enable and empower others to serve and lead

General Responsibilities

  • Fully embraces values and vision of the church community
  • Demonstrates servant leadership
  • Commits to learning the local language and embedding well in the culture
  • Maintains a lifelong learning posture and growing walk with Christ
  • Maintains a positive and encouraging spirit
  • Maintains a strong commitment to the purpose and values of the church
  • Maintains strong communication with supporters and work to keep your support at a  healthy level to sustain you on the field


This position requires raising financial support as a vocational missionary.

Belief and Commitment

All staff need to maintain a strong commitment to our:
Statement of Faith
Statement on Gender Equality
Statement on Racial Equity

For more information, please contact Andrea Asher ( or  Bill Gartung ( or fill out the form below.

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