Team Member – Guayaquil
Guyaquil Equador

Official Title

Team member

Commitment Duration

Job Description

Missional church planting initiative focused on students.

Our missional team in Guayaquil is building a growing, family-like gathering, doing our best to throw off old church baggage and get back to what’s foundational and important: to live like Jesus… and show others what it means to live like Jesus.

Are you passionate about loving and serving others and connecting with younger people? Our church planting project is full of 20-somethings who want to follow Jesus AND see many people in their neighborhoods changed as a result. We are seeking team members who can mentor young believers and give a helping hand wherever needed… including in the kitchen, as there is always a meal needing to be prepped!

Does this sound like you? We want to speak with you! We’d love to connect and hear how God might be leading you!



Belief and Commitment

All staff need to maintain a strong commitment to our:
Statement of Faith
Statement on Gender Equality
Statement on Racial Equity

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