Aparisi Iglesias family

Federico and Olga are Spaniards, and have two children (Joel and Sara). Olga has developed her work as a music teacher and Pilates instructor, while Fede has worked as an IT specialist for nearly 25 years.
Both have grown up in Christian families that have given them a life based on biblical values, as well as the opportunity to be trained in a Bible school and serve in the communities to which they have belonged. Federico has been an elder in two of the three churches they have attended in Madrid, also serving as a preacher. Olga has developed capacity for leadership by leading worship and home groups.
Her passion for reaching the Spanish people with God’s love has grown as they have seen their country move further and further away from God.
In 2014 their lives took a radical turn as they experienced God’s call to leave everything behind to dedicate themselves entirely to communicating and showing God’s love to those around them. Their deep knowledge of Spanish culture, their extensive network of acquaintances and their ability to establish relationships are some of the tools on which their work is based.
They currently work in Algeciras (southern Spain), focusing on Christian discipleship and bringing the Word of God to those who do not know it, always in a relational and relaxed atmosphere, through small groups and personal relationships.
Federico also has a heart for people who has suffer some kind of abuse in their childhood. He actively participates with an organization in a nearby town whose aim is to prevent child sexual abuse and provide therapy for adults who have suffered this kind of abuse. His desire is to bring this ministry to Algeciras.


Time on Staff
9 Years


Aparisi Arenzana



Personal Biography

I love to see a person’s eyes when they discover who Jesus is. Seeing the biblical message work its way into someone’s heart is really addictive.
I really enjoy playing sports. Winsurfing at sea and running in the mountains are my favorites. Social networks and I don’t get along.

Iglesias Serrano



Personal Biography

I like to spend time with people, listen to them, talk, have fun with them and help them discover Jesus. I enjoy nature, it is the place where I find myself closest to God. Music has been, and still is, my great companion on the journey of life.
I usually see the hidden beauty and I need to express it in a creative way… I love cooking.