Bob Gerken

After spending 25 years in the business world Bob, along with his wife Kendall, joined Communitas in 2000. They were on teams in Glasgow and Paris before returning to the States in 2006 to be closer to their four children and nine grandchildren. Bob says he’s been extremely blessed to be able to use his background in finance to serve Communitas staff and projects.


Time on Staff
54 Years


Director of Finance
Director of Finance


Norwalk, Ohio

Personal Biography

I enjoy hiking and kayaking; I’m learning to play cello; I’ve been a Cleveland Browns fan for over 65 years; my son taught me snowboarding and the game of Go; my grand daughter taught me how to make an emoji; I roast coffee and drink too much of it; I enjoy reading historical fiction; my wife taught me beauty and simplicity; Christ is teaching me how to love and be loved.