Dan Steigerwald

For 30+ years, I have served in various leadership capacities – from leading teams to start new expressions of faith community, to pastoring, to leading at senior levels in both national and international Christian non-profits. My Canadian wife, Ann, and I spent the brunt of those years in Europe and various Southern World venues, and we count it a great blessing to have raised our daughters in The Netherlands. A big part of our vocational journey has involved missioning and church-planting with Communitas International, and I’ve had the privilege of leading at a senior level for many years in this Mission Community. From this long run of stumbling forward in leadership, I have been humbled too many times to count, realizing that what I have to offer – no matter how good or helpful – is very much a product of grace and privilege…and yes, hard, often thankless work too. I also realize the immeasurable joys and depleting heartaches along this often-lonely road carry a formative edge. But we must take advantage of what life offers us, allowing God and others to wear off the rough edges of self-adulation so that our better selves can emerge.

This is precisely why I choose to spend my time, vocationally, coming alongside those called to lead. I want them to seize upon all that God and life have for them. Thankfully, coaching is one highly effective means I employ to provide that kind of support. Through the coaching relationship I am able to partner with a given coachee (or team) to bring out their best – enhancing their awareness, decision-making, and alignment with their stated values, goals, priorities, and desired vocational outcomes. Over the past 15 years, I have logged well over 700 hours coaching innovative and pioneering leaders – both team leaders and also organizational leaders. (It’s a joy to even now serve as a mentor-coach to Communitas’ president, Geoff Rinehart). I’ve also led various coaching teams and have a growing experience in training coaches for several Christian organizations and denominations.

Educationally, I hold a Doctor of Ministry (DMIN) in Leadership in the Emerging Culture; a Master of Divinity (MDIV); and a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Mineral Economics. Drawing on that education and on years of experience designing developmental training processes, I have authored several practical books around which I mentor, coach, and train: 10 Pitfalls in Starting New Churches: Avoiding Hazards on the Way to Health (2020); Dynamic Adventure: A Guide to Starting and Shaping Missional Churches (2017); Growing Local Missionaries: Equipping Churches to Sow Shalom in Their Own Cultural Backyard (2014); Grow Where You’re Planted: Collected Stories on the Hallmarks of Maturing Church (2013).

I love hanging out with my wife and two daughters, and I try to care for others in my neighborhood networks, especially those within our local “green team.” (an eco-based group of friends who care about each other on the way to protecting local and global ecosystems). Nature’s beauty makes my heart sing, along with the pleasure of enduring friendships. And, I’m actually a certified “Master Recycler” with the city of Portland, OR.


Time on Staff
28 Years


Mentor-coach, trainer, author
Mentor-coach, trainer, author


Cincinnati, Ohio

Personal Biography

I’m passionate about coming alongside innovative leaders to help them:
-lead with integrity, humility, wisdom and compassion,
-imagine grand -but reasonable- possibilities,
-make better, values-based decisions,
-deliver more satisfying, team-orchestrated results

I operate out of these God-given, nurtured strengths: Achiever, Intellection, Maximizer, Input, Futurist