David Reina & Ellen Quarles

David is originally from Granada, Spain, and Ellen from the USA. We both have a heart to see people know Christ, grow in their faith, and live as Christians in community and effecting our community. This is what brought us together in 2007 at Summer Camp and led us to marry in 2009 (curiously in Spain the wife cannot take her husband´s name).

We desire to participate with God in the transformation of athletes in their sports in Málaga, Andalusia, and Spain.

We believe this kind of transformation will lead to the birth of fresh expressions of the church in Spain, to reach those that are not being reached. That through sharing the gospel, discipleship and sending out others we will see not just lives transformed, but a sports world transformed, and a transformed Spain, where God´s will may be done on earth as it is done in heaven.

Join us in this adventure. Join us as we are looking for other Spanish teammates who will work to advance the Kingdom of God in our district and in the sports world. Please check out the opportunity here!


Time on Staff
9 Years


Preparadora Espiritual, Coach, Tesorera
Preparadora Espiritual, Coach, Tesorera


Charlottesville, VA

Personal Biography

I was in the try outs for the Athen´s Olympic, when God called me to Spain. I love working one on one with people, whether its in a pool or online life coaching, or preparing athletes spiritually. I also love to have my home full of people, especially those who hunger and thirst for more… for God.

Reina Fernandez
Team Leader, Coach


Granada, Spain

Personal Biography

Graduate from IBSTE. Lover of Art and trivia. Natural talent for cooking and music. Certified professional Coach. Certified Basketball Coach.