Hadi & Sepideh Jafarizadeh

Hadi has been in Glasgow since 2015, and part of Upper Room Church since 2016 when it was a House Church at Wesley White’s flat. Although he had not joined Communitas International at this point, his role was growing and developing so that now he is sharing the same vision and hope for Upper Room Church.

Hadi is a refugee with a serious background in Islam, but now he has given his heart to Christ and senses the call of God is upon his life.

Although he takes part in a variety of serving opportunities at The Upper Room Church, his main roles are to provide technical support (such as running live-stream, making slides for worship services, etc.) Bible teaching, being first point of contact with new asylum seekers and refugees, helping to develop different missional opportunities, working on discipleship structures, and most importantly leading the Prayer Chair focus at The Upper Room Church.

Hadi just recently got married to Sepideh on December 9th, 2022. Sepideh shares the same love and passion for Christ, and they now serve together at The Upper Room Church. They share a heart for hospitality and aim to create an inviting space in their own home for marginalized peoples of all sorts to encounter Jesus.


Time on Staff
1 Year


Associate Pastor
Associate Pastor


Shiraz, Fars, Iran

Personal Biography

Hadi enjoys dancing and first started taking part in Echo Dance Production Project with Barrowland Ballet in 2016. He comes with a background in computing and has a BSc Degree in Programming and Software Engineering. He studied for a BA degree in 3D Animation and Visualisation in Glasgow as well.

One of the things Hadi loves to do is working with wood and crafting different pieces of art out of ordinary samples of wood that are simply lying around or found outside. He says “ When I do wood work, I can make deeper connections with the Bible and imagine how Christ was a carpenter at first and it becomes a meditating time that I spend with God.”

Hadi knows his way around the kitchen and enjoys preparing meals for his family and others. Every so often, Hadi makes 15-25 pizzas at home and invites others to join him to enjoy the fresh homemade pizza and spending time in fellowship with others so they would feel a sense of belonging to the community of Christ at The Upper Room Church and pray for each other.