Ismael Cortez & Amy Morrison

Since 2008, Ismael and Amy have been working to pair young people in Ecuador who have the dream of pursuing a higher education with sponsors who have the kindness and generosity to send them to college.

The students they work with are all so different. Some will become dentists, nurses, accountants, computer programmers, pastors, and kindergarten teachers. Some will make careers in marketing, tourism, business, education, and government. And though all their dreams are different, they all–we all–have the same desires: to be loved and valued, to find acceptance, and to have a place to belong.

After several years of praying for each student to find that place to belong, Ismael and Amy heard God’s call to move to Guayaquil, Ecuador and be the church with and for their students during their college years. In 2016 Ismael and Amy moved to Guayaquil with the vision of opening their home and making it a safe and welcoming place where those students and their friends could come and find peace, friendship, love, and maybe a home-cooked meal or just rest and refuge during a hard day of classes.

In 2018, their family and church began to grow. Their daughter, Eleonor, was born in January and in April they began meeting together regularly on Sundays as a church in their home with some of their students and friends. Now, they enjoy a strong community of people who care for one another, and are eager to learn about and live for Christ.


Time on Staff
7 Years





Personal Biography

I was born and raised in Ecuador. Family and friends are very important to me. I love to get together with people and have a good time and eat good food. I like to meet new people. I am passionate about helping people and doing what is right. I love to play music; I play the drums, guitar, and bass. I also love playing tennis and teaching other people how to enjoy the sport.



Downey, CA

Personal Biography

I love to cook and learn new recipes. I like reading, singing, watching movies, and having a good laugh. I love having people over to our home for a meal or a game or some good conversation. Hospitality is important to me. I want everyone who comes into my home to feel peace and to feel they are valued. Lately I enjoy growing food in my garden from kitchen scraps and seeds.