Jordan & Paul Prins

For Paul and Jordan, God had the plan for France in their story generations before they came into the picture. Jordan grew up with a grandpa who had a calling himself to lift up missionaries and their communities in prayer. He was passionate about seeing what God was doing across the globe, would get missionary update pamphlets regularly, and pray through them daily. Paul’s grandma had a passion for the church and was one of the first women to be a session member in the Minnesota Presbyterian church. They know that much of their calling is in part due to the fact that they had generations before them, going ahead of them in prayer.

Fast forward, and Jordan and Paul met in college through a campus ministry. From the beginning of their relationship they felt a burden to serve the French people. This burden only grew as time went on. They were married in Minnesota on a beautiful blustery January day in 2007 with the hope of moving to France very soon after.

After praying about what it would look like to get to France, it became clear that becoming bi-vocational church planters was the path set before them. They spent the following near-decade working on starting and growing their business so they could get to France, and in January 2016 made the jump across the ocean.

They look forward to seeing how God will continue to move in the hearts of the French, and are excited about the ways He invites us to join Him in what He’s doing across the globe.


Saint Victor

Staff Role

Project Leads

Time on Staff

11 Years



Jordan Prins

Pastor and Monastic


Wausau, WI

Personal Biography

I have a growing passion for seeking restoration in many areas of life, and am seeking to make God known in the midst of that restoration. I also love creating things for others – whether that’s food or art in various forms. You can generally find my introverted self spending time one on one with people or at home with Paul & our pets!

Paul Prins

Pastor and Monastic


Minneapolis, MN

Personal Biography

Artist, Theologian, Designer, Full-Stack Software Engineer, Preacher, Filmmaker, & Writer. Former semi-professional Freeskier.
Founder of Urban Monasticism
Founder of Fresh Vine (2008-Presnet) & Midwest Skier (98-06)
Masters of Divinity (Magna Cum Laude) Bethel Theological Seminary