Kelsey Patterson

Kelsey serves Communitas North America as their Social Media Manager. Just like many Communitas staff members she also serves in a few different roles: Leading the communications department of the North America team. She is particularly excited to share stories of what God is doing in cities nationwide. In the coming year she hopes to start a women’s ministry initiative within the organization to help serve and advocate for the women within Communitas. She currently has helped write and co-lead a learning cohort all about learning how to live Missionally within your home context. You don’t have to move overseas to love your neighbor. 

Kelsey is also serving on a local level, starting a women on missions ministry called Bravery. Bravery is creating a space for women to come together to learn with and from each other on topics like self care, sisterhood and social justice. She does this through creative workshops, storytelling and partnering with local nonprofits. Bravery is a bridge building community, bringing together women of all walks in life. 

She is passionate about Cultivating global change through empowering women, fostering joy & creativity and sharing stories & resources.

Kelsey, along with her husband John, previously served in Spain. They were serving in Valencia for 7 years planting Poiema Colectiva, a missional initiative in the arts district of Valencia. Although they miss Spain greatly they are eager to see how God uses them next.


Time on Staff
9 Years




Torrance, CA

Personal Biography

I am super passionate about creativity and one of my missions in life is to get people to stop saying “I am not creative.” We are made in the image of a Creative God and therefore we are all creative.
I also believe my life’s calling is to speak into women’s lives, especially through social justice.



Derry, Northern Ireland

Personal Biography

I am a Northern Irish man who loves to learn, is passionate about physical health and sports and believes that the church is her best self when she is authentic and honest. I am currently getting my masters degree in Sports Management in my second language (Spanish.)
On my free time you can find me on my road bike climbing a mountain, connecting with friends and family or studying.