Kevin & Kathy Johnson

Our journey to Communitas began with a dream. A dream of experiencing the beauty of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. When I realized Communitas was making that happen our family was off to The Netherlands to be a part of such a grace-filled enterprise. We have never looked back. After pastoring Crossroads Church of The Hague I moved into a role of helping launch new projects in Western Europe. Presently, I work with a team of people who lead our various regions. And I get to spark new church plants in new places. Some call me the Chief Instigating Officer, but they could mean that in a couple of ways.


Time on Staff
19 Years


Chief Field Officer
Chief Field Officer


St. Paul, MN

Personal Biography

My greatest passion in life is to share the love of God. This has led me to numerous places and pursuits. From pastoring and church planting to starting a business and working in the marketplace. I am an introverted people person, if that makes sense. I enjoy lifelong friendships, vigorous physicality, especially outdoors, and reading great books. Oh, and being a grandpa is a pretty good gig.