Matthew & Anna Davis

The Davis’ ministry is a discipleship model with their home and table being the backdrop where they can share how to Love God, Be Free, Walk with Him and Love Others. Their mission is to help heal and restore masculine and feminine hearts back to God.

In 2015, Matthew, Anna and their son moved to North Umbria, Italy from Denver after hearing a strong calling from the Lord. They sold all of their possessions and arrived in the small town of Citta Di Castello. 

Since their arrival, Matthew & Anna have been focused on earning the right to be heard. They do one-on-one discipleship with men and women in different parts of Italy and the world. They lead book studies and hold weekly bible studies. They are also translating books into Italian with Italians, such as Wild at Heart and Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. 

The Davis family hold many events throughout the year with the goal to usher in kingdom practices and intentionally allow others to come in contact with the Holy Spirit. 

Anna has lived in Kansas, Texas and New York. She grew up with parents who were in ministry with Young Life. Since Anna was 10 years old, God gave her a strong passion for Italy & to live there. She is of Sicilian descent and studied abroad in Florence.  Anna is a celebrated fashion merchandiser and has a spiritual styling ministry to help awaken the sleeping beauties to their true identity in Christ.

Matthew is from Omaha, where he went to school at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He has lived in Long Beach California and Denver Colorado. Prior to Commnitas, he worked in corporate sales. He runs a small business called Righteous Trading Company importing automobiles from South Africa and Italy for resale in the US with the vision to help awaken men’s hearts through adventure.  

Their two children are world travelers. They both have had their passports since 3 months old and travel seamlessly between the cultures of the US to Italy. They both open doors with their bigger than life personalities and just about everyone smiles when they meet them.


Umbria, Italy

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Matthew Davis

Project Lead


Omaha, NE - U.S.A.

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Matthew’s focus is men’s ministry.  He holds weekly discipleship calls, book reviews and bible studies.  He is passionate about the restoration of the masculine heart. He walks alongside men looking to deepen their relationship with the trinity and does spiritual warfare training, intercession and healing prayer.

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Anna Davis

Project Lead


Sterling, CO - U.S.A.

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Anna’s focus is women’s ministry. She holds weekly discipleship calls, book reviews and bible studies. She is passionate about the restoration of the feminine heart.  Her styling ministry aims to heal what was hurt & helps create a new image, both spiritually and physically, to let their light shine.  She does healing, intercessory prayer & spiritual warfare training.