Melinda Means

The road to my current work in Berlin began as far back as my late teens. I grew up in Dallas and at 18, first moved to Europe as an exchange student in Germany right after high school. Although I made a few trips to Berlin as a tourist prior to the Berlin Wall’s fall in 1989, I did not imagine then that I would eventually live in the capital city. Learning the German language influenced my university studies as well as work opportunities in German-speaking Europe. Before crossing paths with Communitas, I had worked in Europe in the Austrian public schools. And in Germany, I had worked at a counseling center, with a Berlin international church, and in a civilian role with the US Army Berlin.

2021 will mark 18 years serving with Communitas and 24 years living in Europe. Over the years, my responsibilities within Communitas have expanded beyond the work on the ground in Berlin to include a role in the People Systems team. My years in Europe and on the mission field influence the support I can give our staff in transition, particularly as they build their ministry partner teams. I am thankful to be able to encourage the next generation of global workers in this role as they answer God’s call to serve!


Time on Staff
20 Years


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Field Leadership


Dallas, TX

Personal Biography

I enjoy having people in my home for meals, crafts, or a gathering. Being outdoors in Berlin is like walking through decades of history in any direction and I love exploring “new to me” corners of the city. Friends know to watch out if an English Bulldog crosses my path when I’m out on a walk. It will get all my attention while I ask permission to pet it and find out its name and age.